Business entities launch initiative for changes to the Porto Alegre Master Plan

In the midst of the review process of Porto Alegre’s Urban Environmental Development Master Plan (PDDUA), a movement that brings together 46 business and cl entities in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul prepared a “commented Master Plan”, the result of a series of workshops and which was sent to the city hall with contributions for the processing and implementation of public standards and policies for urban planning.

Some of these points were commented on at the launch of the “Movimento Porto Alegre +”, which took place this Monday morning (6) at the Hotel Ritter, in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre.

According to the initiative’s spokesperson, construction businessman Claudio Teitelbaum – president of Sinduscon-RS -, participation in the PPDUA review is the movement’s first front of action. “We are a joint mobilization and awareness action so that Porto Alegre has more urban mobility, more job creation, more entrepreneurship, more economic growth, more security, orderly densification, more appreciation of more complete areas and neighborhoods, generating more
quality of life for the population and sustainable development”, he summarizes. The entities gathered represent segments such as commerce and retail, industry, services, tourism, urban planning, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Sinduscon-RS technical consultant, Antonio Zago, explained that, since 2019, when the PDDUA review began, there has been a multisectoral working group aimed at evaluating the different points of the plan. Based on this work, the entities held collaborative workshops between the entities, which resulted in the document sent by Porto Alegre + to the municipal administration. Among the suggested proposals is improving the use of public space. “We want to replicate the densification of neighborhoods such as Bom Fim, Cidade Baixa, which are quite complete, where there is no need for large displacements of their residents to other parts of the city. Based on studies, we identified regions where this can be allowed, within the line of democratizing housing in certain neighborhoods and ensuring that increased density generates more security and mobility conditions”, explains Zago. In total, the collective highlights 40 points of attention within the PPDUA review process.

Teitelbaum said that the suggested items will be taken to a broader discussion, including within the scope of Master Plan Review Conference, held between Tuesday (7) and Thursday (9). “We brought consensus and guidelines to the municipality that were, at least in part, considered by the consultancy that is working on reviewing the plan,” he said. According to Claudio, other contributions may be made by the city hall in the definitive format of the plan, which will be debated again in December at a public hearing. “What we hope is that the conference will be a democratic movement and that everyone will have a voice. There are many people who think they have to shout to be heard. We want a movement in which people, to talk about urbanism. Behave in an urban manner”, he pointed out.
In part, the businessman’s quote is linked to demonstrations that occurred due to works in public spaces such as Parque Harmonia, subject of a legal dispute which challenged measures such as the cutting of trees in the park and even resulted in the temporary stoppage of work. “One of the first meetings was after the Parque Harmonia episode, which left many people unhappy, because few were shouting to the detriment of many. We then showed that the union of these entities was necessary so that society could express what it thinks. More than 95% of entities have consensus, so let’s unite this consensus around what we agree on,” he said.
Entities that make up the Porto Alegre + Movement

ABIH/RS – Brazilian ociation of the Hotel Industry Rio Grande do Sul

ABRASEL – Brazilian ociation of Bars and Restaurants Rio Grande do Sul Section

ACIR – Restinga Commerce and Industry ociation

ACLAME – Middle Cl ociation

ACOMAC – ociation of Construction Materials Traders

ACPA – Commercial ociation of Porto Alegre

ADVB/RS – ociation of Brazilian Marketing and Sales Managers in RS

AEHN – ociation of Companies in the Humaitá-Navegantes Neighborhoods

AGAAE – Gaúcha ociation of Corporate Environmental Law Lawyers.

AGAS – Gaucho Supermarkets ociation

AGEOS – Gaúcha ociation of Sanitation Works Companies

AGM – Gaúcha ociation of Microbreweries

AGV – Gaúcha Retail ociation

AJE-POA – ociation of Young Entrepreneurs of Porto Alegre

AMCHAM – American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil

AMICRO POA – ociation of Micro and Small Businesses of Porto Alegre

ARP – Riograndense Advertising ociation

AsBEA-RS – Brazilian ociation of Architectural Offices in Rio Grande do Sul

Jacuí Delta ociation

CDL POA – Chamber of Store Managers of Porto Alegre

CEPORTO – Porto Seco Business Center

Entrepreneurial Cycle

CREA-RS – Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council of the State of Rio Grande do Sul

EO Porto Alegre – Entrepreneurs’ Organization

FEDERASUL – Federation of Business Entities of Rio Grande do Sul

IBEF-RS – Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives RS

ICF – Floresta Cultural Institute

IEE – Institute of Business Studies

Boiler Institute

LIDE-RS – Group of Business Leaders

LIVE Marketing

Porto Alegre Convention & Visitors Bureau

SECOVI-RS/AGADEMI – RS Housing Union / Gaúcha ociation of Real Estate Market Companies

SERGS – Engineering Society of Rio Grande do Sul

Sescon/RS – Union of Accounting Services Companies and Advisory, Expertise, Information and Research Companies of the State of Rio Grande do Sul

SHPOA – Porto Alegre Hotel Union

Sicepot/RS – Union of the Road Construction, Paving and Earthmoving Industry in General in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Sindeedin-RS – Intermunicipal Union of Early Childhood Education Establishments in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Sindha – POA and Region Accommodation and Food Union

Sindienergia-RS – Renewable Energy Industry Union of Rio Grande do Sul

Sindihospa – Union of Hospitals and Clinics of Porto Alegre

Sindilojas Porto Alegre – Commercial Shopkeepers Union of Porto Alegre

Sinduscon-RS – Union of Civil Construction Industries in the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Sulpetro – Intermunicipal Union of Retail Trade of Fuels and Lubricants of the State of RS

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