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Bernard (Laurent Lafitte) and Dominique Tapie (Joséphine Japy). Marie Genin/Netflix

After Sophie and Laurent, two of Barnard Tapie’s children, Dominique, his second wife, spoke about the series on Europe 1.

On the occasion of the publication of his book, Bernard, the fury of livingin March 2023, Dominique Tapie, the widow of Bernard Tapie had expressed little or no expression in the media about her apprehensions relating to the biopic in preparation on Netflix. Available since September 13 on the platform, series whose seven episodes focus particularly on the period 1966-1997 of the life of the politician and businessman, from his brief career as a singer to his incarceration at the Health prison, did not fail to arouse strong reactions. From his son, Laurent, who “do not consider the series to be very successful”. From her daughter, Sophie, who was outraged, shouting at “disrespect”. But what does his second wife, Dominique, played in the series by Joséphine Japy, think?

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They took liberties that have nothing to do with reality

Dominique Tapie

Rather behind the scenes, therefore, in relation to the subject, last March she reminded RTL that “Bernard said no”. But if Laurent Lafitte, who plays the politician, has since confided that she was touched by the series, she nevertheless agreed to open up a little more about it on Julien Pichené’s microphone, on Europe 1. “It must be recognized that the series is very well acted, that Lafitte, at certain moments, represented my husband really well. On that, frankly, I have nothing to say. Simply, afterwards, they took liberties with events, with our lives, which have nothing, nothing to do with reality. I just wanted to point this out. And the people who are going to follow this series, I encourage them to read my book, which is a book of truths, where I tell everything, and that’s what’s important. For the memory of Bernardshe declared on the morning of the launch of the fiction.

I have never participated in any way in my husband’s affairs.

Dominique Tapie

Regarding her character, she added: “I haven’t found myself in my role at all yet. Almost putting myself at the helm of affairs at one point, I have never done it, never, never, ever. So, given my situation, people still need to understand that, no, I never signed or participated in any way in the companies, in the takeovers, that my husband took over”. Should we, however, condemn the “discrepancies” of the authors of the series? No more than the English royal family did about The Crown. Biopics are delicate and fascinating in that they rewrite reality to create a story that meets the public’s expectations. The basic principle of all fiction.

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