“But can she see?, the anger of the visually impaired athlete stopped at the concert with his dog

“But can she see?” The first candlelit concert, with a string quartet, should be an unforgettable experience. For visually impaired swimmer Sophie Soon it was, but for the problems she faced before the event even started.

The Singaporean athlete, accompanied by her guide dog, Orinda, a splendid Golden Retriever crossbreed, was stopped by security personnel: they did not let her in because they mistook it for a pet, despite bearing the inscription ” guide dog”. Orinda helps her overcome obstacles, she is always with her.

The security personnel looked confused. She asked if she would like to watch the show, and Soon she said yes. She couldn’t understand how someone in her condition could attend a concert. “But can she see?” she asked. A “rather irrelevant” question, commented the swimmer.

She finally got in and got excited for her first candlelight concert. In her comments section many pointed out the insensitivity of the security personnel towards her.

The whole story is told in a 72-second video posted on TikTok in which the 25-year-old visually impaired describes her long-awaited concert step by step. It has logged over 18 million views. “Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should,” she writes in a caption.

A couple of social media users believe that the champion had every right to complain, as it is “not the staff’s business” how people get to watch the show. Influencer Nicole Choo argues that security personnel should “be fired”.

“Hi Sophie! I was sitting behind you and saw you with your guide dog. It was yummy,” Jamster writes.

There was no shortage of comment from the organizers of the candlelight concert: “We want to apologize from our entire team: this should not have happened. We invite you to another event”.

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