By qualifying for the round of 16, the French team ensures 12.3 million euros in revenue for the FFF

By reaching the round of 16 of the World Cup, the Blues have taken a first step in their quest for a second title in a row, after their coronation in 2018. But they have not yet reached the goal set by Christmas Le Graet – “At least the last four, as usual, and put on a good show”explained in our columns, several weeks ago, the president of the French Football Federation.

They also did not fulfill the mission set by the financial services of the FFF. In the (balanced) accounts which were presented at the federal assembly held before the summer, in Nice, a quarter-final was in fact budgeted, as is the custom before each big tournament, male or female. For the time being, with this round of 16, the FFF is guaranteed to collect 13 million dollars from the FIFA endowment, or 12.3 million euros, of which 30% goes to the players and a small part of the staff. .

Amounts up compared to 2018

If they beat Poland, the FFF will then collect €16.1 million from the International Federation, which would allow the players and staff (4 shares) to each receive around €170,000. In the event (semi-final) that they are in line with the requirements of their president, FIFA would then pay a minimum of €21.8 million (4th place), and each would receive around €250,000. For a new title, finally, 40 M€ would fall into the federal purse, with around 400,000 € for the players and the main members of the staff.

Amounts up sharply compared to the previous edition in Russia. Because in Qatar, 440 million dollars (420.8 M€) will be paid, in total, to the 32 federations which have their selection in competition, against 344 million dollars (329 M€) in 2018. many players, who are very well paid in clubs, do not receive the sums which are due to them in selection and redistribute them to charities. The latter can therefore hope that the course of the Blues in Qatar is as long as possible.

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