Calogero debuts in Respire on M6

By Cécile Brelot

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Calogero plays opposite Charlie Loiselier in Breathe broadcast this Tuesday on M6. Jean Philippe BALTEL/STUDIOFACTSTORIES/M6

This Tuesday, the singer takes his first steps as an actor and plays a music teacher in a fiction about school bullying.

“I felt like a rejection which reflected a doubtless hidden desire”, confides Calogero to express his relationship to comedy. At 52, the singer, recently seen in “The Voice Kids” as Super Coachmade his acting debut with the film Breathe . A fiction broadcast this Tuesday evening on M6 in which he plays a music teacher who comes to the aid of Tessa (Charlie Loiselier), high school student victim of school bullying.

If the singer admits to having hesitated a lot before taking the plunge, it was out of fear “to appear as the singer who wanted to be an actor”. “I have far too much respect for them to improvise as an actor”, he summarizes. But that’s Raphael’s role, “came to him”which pushed him to get started, as he confided to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure . “The subject interested me. I experienced it myself when I was a total academic failure.explains the singer before remembering “from a traumatic first day of first grade where the teacher slapped him a couple of times because he didn’t dot the i’s”.

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The one who grew up in the department of Isère then lists a complicated schooling which continued “in a difficult college in Échirolles where conditions were terrible with a lot of violence”. “I stopped studying in fourth grade, I didn’t care anymore”pours out the former student who then became an apprentice plumber then an apprentice butcher.

The rest of the story was written on music paper. Calogero has released a series of albums, the most recent of which, the ninth, is entitled LOVE Now an aspiring actor, the musician reveals that he had “difficult first tests where he was not very comfortable”. With the help of the director of Breathe Jérôme Cornuau and a coach, his character Raphaël was able to see the light of day as he had imagined. “I received a lot of kindness on set. I was able to decide everything and changed my character from an embittered musician to someone good in his shoes”he says.

A successful start, according to the opinion of his two younger siblings, Pio and Rita. “The kids watched a lot. It touched me a lot”, concludes the father of four children in total. On Instagram, Calogero also revealed that“playing a teacher is a nice gift for your parents”.

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