Camille Cottin and Louise Bourgoin, duel in the firmament of French cinema

Louise Bourgoin (left), who plays a desperate single mother in Anti Squatand Camille Cottin (on the right), as a single mother who is emancipating herself in Tony with family. Kazak Productions / CHI-FOU-MI PRODUCTIONS – STUDIOCANAL – FRANCE 2 CINEMA

DECRYPTION – They have never met in the same film, and lead their careers in parallel. They are headlined in Tony with family And anti squat. Cross portrait of two French stars who seduce internationally.

In this new school year dominated by French cinema (hollywood actors strike oblige), they take center stage with charm and determination. Camille Cottin (44 years old) and Louise Bourgoin (41 years old) are vying for the star.

These two stars of French cinema shine brightly, each in their own way. At the end of August, we saw them defend their new films at the 16e Angoulême Francophone Film Festival. On stage, facing the audience, one is tall and modest, while the other is smaller and more extroverted. Both now take on the roles of liberated, strong, forty-something women who are fearless.

In Tony with family, the second film by young Nathan Ambrosioni (24), Camille Cottin embodies a mother of five children who, after having devoted herself to her offspring, begins to want to think about her. Opposite, for the social thriller Anti Squat by Nicolas Silhol, Louise Bourgoin plays a single mother, an unemployed real estate agent, forced to manage a…

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