“Candidates must commit to promoting sex education”

VShis year, the start of the school year coincides with the world health day celebrated on September 4. A coincidence that does things well? Often taboo, subjects related to health are still too neglected, at school and outside.

However, health covers major and structuring issues for our society – issues of equality, health, education, living together. Policy makers have a responsibility to make health a priority, especially during the upcoming European elections in June 2024.

But what is health? L’World Health Organization is clear : it is a “state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in matters, not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity”. Being in good health is based on a positive approach to ity, based on trust, communication and pleasure.

Failure to share responsibility

It is about each person being able to exercise their rights to freely define their orientation, gender identity and expression and to make their own decisions about their body. It also refers to the possibility of accessing services allowing ity without suffering violence, danger or discrimination and to chosen contraception and means of prevention such as condoms or PrEP. [prophylaxie pré-exposition] to fight HIV. What’s more essential?

Living well and understanding one’s ity remains a major challenge in France and in the world, still too much ociated with the sole responsibility of women. Every year, one in two pregnancies worldwide is unplanned, according to the UN Population Fund; due to lack of information, availability and access to prevention and care services and lack of responsibility on the part of male partners.

This failure to share responsibility is also visible through vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cancer of the cervix, which was until now only recommended for girls. It is only from this new school year that a vaccination campaign is offered in colleges to girls and boys while 31% of men are carriers of this virus in the world, according to recent scientific workand that their vaccination remains derisory.

Although comprehensive ity education has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the risks of unplanned pregnancies, ly transmitted infections and gender-based and violence, as the Council of Europe points outit is still too little implemented at the global level.

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