Cannes: an anti-surrogacy activist bursts onto the red carpet

His message: challenge the generalization of surrogacy. An activist burst onto the Cannes Film Festival red carpet this Wednesday evening, posting an openly anti-GPAclosely linked, according to her, to the film industry.

The activist, from the feminist and radical group SCUMs, entered the red carpet of the festival to display her round belly and the message “surrogate mother”, in English, overcoming a barcode.

An irruption made to “denounce surrogacy which is closely linked to the cinema industry”, according to a publication on Instagram of the collective. GPA is “ rooted in capitalist ideology as well as in the international human trafficking market. The products sold are newborns, the means of production are the bodies of their mothers,” continues the group.

A first irruption in Cannes in 2022

“As the commercialization of women and children is deeply incompatible with our human dignity and fundamental rights, we urge all countries to respect the international human rights conventions they have signed and therefore to work towards the abolition of surrogacy nationally and internationally,” write the SCUMs. In France, surrogacy is prohibited, but the recognition of a child born by surrogacy abroad remains possible.

In 2022, the same activist had already burst onto the red carpet of the festival, this time appearing shirtless, with a message denouncing the s committed in Ukraine after the outbreak of war by Russia. “ is used as a weapon of war by Russian soldiers, as Inna Shevchenko pointed out in particular. Women are the first victims of war, led by and for men,” the collective denounced.

Inspired by the name of a feminist manifesto dating from the 1960s, the members of the group SCUMs define themselves, on Instagram, as radical feminist activists. In its manifesto, the group says it denounces “all the violence committed by men on women”, proclaims “their injustice”, and wants to fight “for their abolition at the root”.

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