Cannes wants to "reinvent" its Croisette in red

For David Lisnard, the LR mayor, the seaside town of the Côte d'Azur must reinvent its legend. The studio of architect Roland Castro was commissioned for this 160 million euro project.

With red on the ground, walking sticks wanna "reinvent" its Croisette, a seaside avenue made famous by the Cannes Film Festival and has chosen an international group of architectural firms to carry out this 160 million euro project.

"La Croisette is reinventing its legend, and attacking the Croisette is not nothing, it is a major general interest objective because it is the quintessence of a certain spirit of the Côte d'Azur.“, indicated the mayor LR David Lisnardduring a press conference on Friday.

"The bay is sublime but it was no longer level" whether for flooring, public lighting, curbs or underground with a network that is more than a century old, he added.

The selected team is led by the Atelier d'urbanité Roland Castronamed after the French town planner and architect, leader of the operation, and notably includes the Norwegian architectural firm Snohetta, author in particular of the entrance to the Memorial of September 11 in New York or the new headquarters of the band The world in Paris.

They will have to renovate all the roads and street furniture of these 170,000 m2with the strong bias of a red stone on the floor, supposed to recall the color of the carpet on the steps of the Festival Palace and the rock of the nearby Esterel massif.

Brass accents will signal large hotels and traffic flows. The road, whose asphalt will also be red, will reserve two lanes for vehicles, with a cycle path. On the sidewalks will be placed concrete benches that seem to come out of the ground before disappearing into it.

“Dunes and swamps”

On these 2.6 km which run from the Palais des Festivals to Palm Beach, will also be built a "theater of the sea", facing the sun which sets behind the Esterel massif.

“It is a sober and elegant project which aims to sublimate the Croisette and make it suitable for everyone”, summarized Gérald Heulluy, president of the Atelier d'urbanité Roland Castro. The delivery of the first tranche is scheduled for 2025, according to the town hall.

The total budget, at the expense of the city and the agglomeration, is 160 million euros, including a preliminary phase on the underground networks for nearly 40 million euros.

"150 years ago, the Croisette did not exist, it was dunes and swamps, it was not until the middle of the 19th century that the 27 co-owners of the place traced a path five meters wide before that the Croisette itself does not appear at the end of the 19th century”recalled David Lisnard.

Since 1960, it had not benefited from any major development. According to him, he was "more than time" to renovate “the showcase of Cannes, which has the record for luxury brands in front of Avenue Montaigne in Paris and Fifth Avenue in New York”and of which he also wants to keep the "popular side" with kiosks and kiddie rides.

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