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A car traveling on the Bayrampaşa TEM connection road caught fire. While the fire was extinguished by firefighters, there was traffic on the road for a while.


Car burned on TEM connection road

The fire broke out around 00:00 in a car traveling on the TEM O-3 connection road.

The car, which was traveling in the direction of Aksaray, allegedly broke down and caught fire shortly after it broke down.

Two people who left the car after the fire broke out, luckily escaped without injury. Upon notice, police and fire brigade teams were dispatched to the scene.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene extinguished the fire in a short time. There was traffic on the road for a while due to the fire.


Nuri Bayraktar, the driver’s father, who came upon hearing about the incident, said, “Guys, there was a henna night program; While coming from there, the car misfired. They pulled to the right and the car caught fire. They came out later. Our knowledge is in this direction. There are no injuries, no one is hurt. There were two people in the vehicle. My daughter called me. My workplace was nearby, so I came. The fire brigade was already here. They came and intervened without waiting for the notice. Thank goodness nothing happened. We had just had the vehicle serviced and went for an inspection yesterday. “So there was no problem,” he said. (DHA)

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