Cardiff does not disarm and claims a fortune from FC Nantes

By Le Figaro



Emiliano Sala should have joined Cardiff in the summer of 2019. ANDREW BOYER

After having drawn a blank before the Swiss courts, the Welsh club seized the Commercial Court of Nantes and claimed more than 100 M € from the Canaries.

Emiliano Sala case, continued. The Cardiff club were believed to have exhausted all possible remedies, as Fifa ordered them to pay the €17m owed to FC Nantes in connection with the transfer of the late Emiliano Sala, who died on January 21, 2019 in the crash of a small penger plane. The appeals of the Welsh formation had been rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), at first instance and on appeal. This time, Cardiff, 21st (out of 24) in the Championship (2nd English division), is addressing the Commercial Court of Nantes. And this to claimthe sum, to be completed, of 100 million euros with interest at the legal rate, from the date of the judgment, in respect of the loss of income suffered“according to a subpoena consulted and relayed by the sports daily The Team . ignment set for June 22.

In essence, the club chaired by the Malaysian Vincent Tan believes that the non-arrival of Sala cost him his relegation from the Premier League to the Championship, accusing Nantes of the involvement of a certain Willie McKay in the transfer, when it is the son of the latter, Mark, who had the mandate to sell the player across the Channel.


Cardiff does not stop there and also claims a little ten million euros from the Canaries: the amount of the first draft of the transfer and the interest (7.298 M€) as well as two million in respect of… “moral damage! All while not failing to add that “The CCFC reserves the right to change the amount of its request, in the event that it is ordered to pay the two other installments provided for in the contract (6 and 5 M€ excluding interest).“Recall that the death of the 28-year-old Argentine striker is still the subject of a preliminary investigation. For the rest, the lawyers of the FCN denounce “the relentlessnessfrom Cardiff via The Teamshowing himself however “very calm about the analysis that the Commercial Court will make“. Regretting “the opening of a new absurd judicial front“, they promise to”to seek compensation for the damages that this abusive procedure causes him“. The story is far from over…

TO HAVE ALSO – On October 18, 2021, David Henderson, the businessman who organized the robbery that killed Argentinian footballer Emilino Sala in 2019 was found guilty:

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