Carlo Lucarelli: “My thriller in the fascist era. Were we bad? We must be afraid of still being bad”

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by Daniela Lanni

“Bell’Abissina” (Mondadori) is the latest novel by Carlo Lucarelli, a great noir author and one of the most famous Italian writers. On the literary scene for many years, he has always intertwined literary genres with narrative structures, one of which is the historical thriller. We are in the period of fascism, Italy is about to enter the war, June 1940. There is the return of a character, Commissioner Marino, a melancholic, solitary character, at odds with himself, with an inner laceration. A policeman who is part of the regime’s organization but inside himself sides with anti-fascism. Carlo Lucarelli builds this noir putting historical details, even marginal ones, which allow the reader to enter that era, discovering, in this case, the existence of an elite police body, the “Presidential”, which moved in the city sewer system to find any ordnance, hidden bombs. During a mission, the body of a woman suffering from dwarfism is discovered in Rome. From here starts a delicate and intriguing wave.


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