Carnetti opens commercial complex in the neighboring city of Porto Alegre in November

It is not just Porto Alegre that has seen the arrival of so-called open malls, open shopping complexes, with stores and a well-oiled mix applying maximum convenience in the same place to solve the consumer’s life. In Alvorada, on the edge of the Capital, the supermarket chain Carnetti opens its business in the second half of November.

“It must be the week right after November 15th. It’s a sweat,” describes the chain’s managing partner, Itamar Lorenzatto, about the frenetic pace of getting the Carnetti Open-Mall ready.

In the complex, which will have a flagship supermarket and 20 other stores, a McDonald’s and a Panvel have been operating since 2022, in front of the shopping center, on Avenida Getúlio Vargas, 1981. Contracts have already been signed with eight other retailers, including opticians, cosmetics brand (O Boticário), beauty salons, repairs and sales of cell phones and electronics. There are more negotiations just waiting to be formalized, says Lorenzatto.

The project suffered delays in execution due to setbacks in the implementation of the initial works, which increased the value of the contribution to R$40 million. There are 100 direct jobs, but there are still vacancies in roles to be filled in areas such as bakery, butchery, supply chain and telesales. Interested parties can send their CV to [email protected] or access

There is also another reason why the network’s main manager wants to open as soon as possible. A strong competitor, even though it is about two kilometers from the mall, closer to RS-118, Stok Center, a cash-and-carry flagship of Comercial Zaffari, from Po Fundo, should open on November 20th.

“We can’t be scared. Stok Center has a different profile. We will be a transit point to and from the Center”, lists the supermarket.

“But there will be a direct collision”, says the supermarket from the Capital, who arrived in the city more than 20 years ago, coming from Serra and who initially made money selling family cheese to small businesses in the North of the Capital, including to the former owners of Carnetti, who ended up selling the operation due to financial difficulties to the current owners.

The open mall has 6 thousand square meters of built area, 2 thousand square meters of which are the supermarket, which will be the largest in the chain, which has two more units in the Capital and CD in Alvorada. There are 100 parking spaces.

For the opening, the chain says it will focus on price, but promises “something different”, with a greater mix than what customers see in other branches. There are 8 thousand items, compared to 5 thousand in other stores. “We will offer a product, service and environment above the Alvorada average”, promises Lorenzatto.

Regarding the area with stores, the goal, says the managing partner, is to reach capacity by the beginning of 2024. “There is demand for spaces, but we will wait and see the operation.” Lorenzatto bets on the McDonald’s effect. “They can’t keep up with the demand, and they’re now open 24 hours a day,” he says.

The Open Mall will be for Alvorada what a shopping mall is in the Capital. It will be the first with the footprint of a commercial complex and with attributes that are in the strategy of projects today, such as convenience and being in the flow.

“The most important thing is the environment, uniting different operations together. That’s not available here (in Alvorada), and it’s well located and has parking. What complements it is McDonald’s. People will come to visit more than one place.”

After the open mall, the chain will dedicate itself to building the first wholesale store, next to the CD, budgeted at more than R$12 million, with 3 thousand square meters and expected to be ready in 2025.

Carnetti Open Mall stores

They are now open:

They will open in November:

  • Boss (smartphone istance
  • Little Case Accessories (smartphones and electronics)
  • Nadin (aesthetics)
  • New Vision (optometry clinic)
  • The boticario
  • Brambila tobacconist
  • Topaze (optics and jewelry)
  • Valentina Accessories

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