Caroline Rey-Salmon, the former number 2 of Ciivise, targeted by a new complaint

The troubles are piling up for Caroline Rey-Salmon, the former No. 2 of the Ciivise (independent commission on incest and violence). Already subject to a complaint for ault by person abusing authority given to her by her function during a gynecological examination in 2019, Caroline Rey-Salmon is, according to our information, subject to another complaint for “intellectual forgery and use of forgery, attempted fraud in judgment and endangering the lives of others” filed last October with the Paris judicial court by Daniel M., a 49-year-old father.

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This time, it is as a legal expert, specialist in shaken baby syndrome and author (with four other doctors) in 2011 of the recommendations of the High Authority of Health (HAS) on the subject that Caroline Rey-Salmon, 65 years old, finds himself in the crosshairs of justice.

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