Carolyn Carlson, the dance poet

“I have had a thousand lives and my soul is ageless!”, underlines Carolyn Carlson. Herve Veronese

ENCOUNTER – The American-born dancer and choreographer shows Crossroads to Synchronicity at the Théâtre Libre, revival of a play created ten years ago. At 80 years old, she encouraged six dancers to put into motion significant events in their lives.

She feeds on something other than the spirit of the times and that is why, she says, she wears her 80 years as light as spring. In October, she danced in Paris at The musical Seine for Arthur H. This month of November, at the Théâtre libre, she is not dancing. She choreographs Crossroads to Synchronicitya cover of a piece created ten years ago and inspired by this notion dear to Carl Gustav Jung.

She recomposed it for six dancers instead of the original nine. “It was too long and confusing”, she said retrospectively. The one who signed Don’t Look Back asked them to improvise about the events that changed their lives: “When we look back, we notice what forced us to open our eyes: for example the death of my father when I was 15 gave me a responsibility as a parent towards my younger brother .”

The choreographer’s mark

Carefully, she listened to the stories of each of her dancers and then watched as they put them into dance. She pushed, showed, questioned, embled, took back to offer

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