Carrefour partners with ChatGPT to simplify shopping for its customers

The Hopla robot provides a list of products to the user, which he can directly add to his shopping cart. Crossroads

From Friday, users will be able to generate a shopping list, recipes and tips, in just a few seconds, thanks to artificial intelligence.

You don’t have time to make your list of races or are you out of inspiration? Now a robot can do it for you. Named “Hopla“, it will be accessible from Friday on the home page of the website of Crossroads. All you have to do is start a conversation with this smart istant and wait a few seconds for a shopping list, recipes or for it to compose your basket itself.

Concretely, you can send him a request, like this: “I don’t know what to eat next week, there are four of us and I have a budget of 50€.Hopla complies and then displays five recipes, from spaghetti bolognese, to zucchini gratin, to mushroom omelet. He then lists the ingredients to make these dishes, while taking into account common products that you would have at home such as salt, pepper or olive oil. Once the products are displayed, they are added to your basket in one click and all you have to do is order them and pick them up in store or at your home. Your shopping is therefore carried out in the blink of an eye.

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“Getting Ahead”

To achieve this technology, Carrefour has teamed up with the Open AI group, creator of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence. “We are the first to use this technology in France“, rejoiced this Thursday Alexandre Bompard during the presentation of the project. For the CEO of Carrefour, the objective is to “get a head start and invent the commerce of tomorrow“. The company has thus appointed experts in artificial intelligence, who have been working on this initiative for five weeks.

In order to avoid any AI drift, the team restricted ChatGPT to only answer food-related questions. “I am not qualified to answer“, he writes if the request is off topic. The experts also sent him all the codes necessary to offer a personalized experience to the user. Customers have the option of asking for organic, gluten-free or even vegetarian items. Note that no data is transmitted to Open AI, except discussions with the robot.

Regarding the recipes offered, the Carrefour teams ure us that the objective is to promote waste reduction and “eat better“, all in “sticking to the season», especially for fruits and vegetables. Regarding the products highlighted, it is “of the most purchased” or some “more clickedon the site, the group explains. To change brand, just click on a reference to see similar products appear.

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The commerce sector is turning to AI

If artificial intelligence allows customers to save time, it is also beneficial for employees and the marketing aspect of the group. Indeed, in just a week and a half, ChatGPT has enriched the product sheets with more than 2,000 Carrefour brand references. Title, description, nutritional values… everything was written by artificial intelligence, validated by Carrefour and published on its site. This constitutes a significant time saving for the group but also for the manufacturers who made these products.

If this is an innovation in France, Carrefour is not the only company to trust artificial intelligence “generative“. Coca-Cola announced its collaboration with ChatGPT last February. “We see opportunities to improve our marketing with cutting-edge AI while exploring ways to improve our operations and business capabilities“, had then declared the CEO of the group, James Quincy, in a press release. The e-commerce site editor Shopify also integrated ChatGPT on its site on 1er last March. Like Carrefour, technology is used to generate responses to customers and advise them of the products best suited to their needs.

The American company Instacart, which delivers food products, has also been using artificial intelligence since March. Using the same model as Carrefour, users can ask questions about food, request recipe ideas or draw up a list of healthy ingredients. For the French group, the first feedback from customers in the coming days will allow it to enrich its Hopla robot and refine its responses. It remains to be seen whether other distributors will follow Carrefour’s lead in developing tomorrow’s consumption.

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