Carrefour will launch an “anti-inflation basket” of 200 products at 2 euros in mid-March

Carrefour will launch an “anti-inflation basket” of 200 products at 2 euros in mid-March

Carrefour has already set up for a year a basket of 15 fruits and vegetables sold at less than 1 euro. Dariusz Gora /

The operation will begin in about ten days, while food inflation, already high, is likely to continue to climb in the months to come.

THE Carrefour distributor will launch its own “anti-inflation basket” composed of 200 products sold on average two euros and “at fixed prices» until mid-June, announcement its CEO Alexandre Bompard in an interview at Sunday newspaper . This concerns 100 products “Daily“(detergent, baby diapers, spreads, flour, biscuits…) and 100 others labeled “healthy“(yogurts, eggs, fresh vegetables, bread, milk or cereals) with a Nutri-Score A and B, marketed under the Carrefour and Simpl brands, which will be sold “at fixed prices, from March 15 to June 15“, specifies the daily.

The group will launch this basket “essential and nutrition– whose composition was chosen during round tables with the brand’s customers – on the shelves of its 5,945 French stores in ten days, he continues. This follows the abandonment of the “project of a uniform basket common to all brands“, mentioned in December by the Minister of SMEs Olivia Grégoire, “but since rejected by most distributors“, Write the JDD.

“A new violent shock”

We found a very good agreement with the Ministerof Economy Bruno Le Maire, said Alexandre Bompard, CEO of the group, to the newspaper. “He decided to leave everyone the freedom to define the operations of their choice.“. “It was essential that all the actors be able to commit at the same time, but with full autonomy of action. The result will be all the more powerful“, he says.

For a year, Carrefour had already set up a basket of 15 fruits and vegetables sold at less than 1 euro, which gavevery good results», according to Alexandre Bompard. “The end of negotiations with industrialists suggests an additional increase (in prices). This is a new violent shock for the most fragile householdshe says. “The level of food inflation will remain in double digits until this summer, probably rising above the current level“, completes the CEO of Carrefour. This offer represents an investment effort of “several tens of millions of euros», according to Alexandre Bompard.

At the beginning of February, the competitor Système U had announced the launch of its basket of “150 products at cost price“, For “an indefinite period“. Since inflation has made its return to the top of the concerns of the French, the distribution has multiplied operations, blocked prices, anti-inflation shield, the aim of which is to attract or retain customers, in the face of food inflation which has climbed by some 14.5% over one year in February, according to INSEE.

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