Cars, towards the stop at the supermark for large engines. The ACI: “Finally!”

ROME. “Finally! As announced by Deputy Minister Maurizio Leo, after no less than 11 years, the super-vignette on cars is being dealt with, a tax that is as unfair as it is useless». This was stated in a note by the president of the Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, referring to the indication that arrived in recent days at the hearing from the deputy minister of the Economy. «A big thank you – continues Sticchi Damiani – goes to the Government from Italian motorists, for understanding how this supertax represents an anomaly whose only effect is to distort and depress the national car market, which – I recall – includes, among the other, the most prestigious global car manufacturers. Its abolition will give back full freedom in the production and purchase of cars, without artificial limitations”.

The measure could come in the context of the tax reform envisaged by the delegation bill, for which the government has given itself a two-year horizon for full implementation.

«Less taxes and oxygen for the automotive sector: while we are determined that Europe allows the use of biofuels for cars produced from 2035, thanks to the agreement with the Mef of minister Giancarlo Giorgetti we want to abolish the super car tax. It means canceling a hateful tax, giving life to the market, effectively supporting a precious sector that involves – directly and indirectly – millions of families». So the deputy premier and minister Matteo Salvini.

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