“Cassian Andor is the rebellious soul of Star Wars”

“At the start of the series, Cassian Andor no longer trusts anyone. Little by little, he will find the taste of others. He will engage in the resistance to defend a cause.says Diego Luna 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. L

Mexican actor Diego Luna embodies the hero ofAndornew series, derived from the film RogueOne, not to be missed on Disney +. With pride, he evokes the originality and ambition of the twelve very successful episodes of this first season.


The Andor series is the best news that has arrived in recent years from the depths of distant, very distant galaxies… Autonomous, furiously independent, the show of anticipation and espionage developed by Tony Gilroy (screenwriter of Memory in the skin) Brilliantly keeps its promises. Broadcast on Disney+ from September 21, it follows the fate of several characters from the Rogue One film, five years before the suicide mission to steal the Death Star plans, which Princess Leia will enjoy at the very beginning of Star Wars IV ( 1977). With the help of a risky mentor (Stellan Skarsgard), hero Cassian Andor (Diego Luna, Formidable) orchestrates resistance against the Empire. Realistic, tense, the series plunges into the world of espionage in times of war. A bit as if the spleen of blade runner resonated with the casablanca by Michael Curtiz. With frankness and enthusiasm, the actor Diego Luna exclusively answers questions from Le Figaro.

LE FIGARO. -What made you accept this new role of Cassian Andor?

Diego LUNA. - When the production came to talk to me about this project, more than four years ago, they asked me if I would agree to explore my character's past. Thanks to RogueOne, we know what Cassian Andor is capable of. But we don't know how it got there? How does he agree to sacrifice everything for a cause? With this series, I had the opportunity to revisit the origins of this tragic hero and give all the answers that were missing in Snape One.

“The series shows where the heroic part that is in each of us comes from”

Who is Cassian Andor, according to you? A Han Solo mercenary or someone even more tortured?

First of all, it should be noted that in Andor, we are not talking about Jedi. There is no mystical connection or special powers. The series shows where the heroic part that is in each of us comes from. Cassian Andor is a man haunted by his past. I don't think he's able like Han Solo to laugh at his own misfortunes, or smile casually and casually at anyone who wishes him harm. He carries the weight of his former lives on his shoulders, and believe me, it's heavy! Cassian Andor is a wounded soul. It's the rebellious soul of Star Wars. He is a character who spends his time running away. A fugitive who survives on the margins of the system. A refugee who left his life behind. When we find him at the beginning of the series, he has become totally cynical. At the heart of this troubled period traversed by the galaxy, the Empire and the oppression are everywhere. It is the character of Stellan Skarsgard who will restore the hero's confidence, and put him back on track...

How is the atmosphere here different from the show Obi-Wan Kenobi or of The Mandalorian ?

It is more akin to that of spy thrillers or that of film noir. This dark atmosphere, we owe it above all to Tony Gilroy, whose presence was decisive. As screenwriter of The Memory in the skin, he developed the series in this direction. As we wantedAndor brings its own stone to the building Star Warswe went deeper into the realistic and dark side of the series. RogueOne, an independent film vis-à-vis the other episodes of the saga offered us the possibility. Series Andor is therefore different from the others. This is even what we were asked.

Don't you find that the notion of trust is a central theme of the series?

Yes, absolutely. It's all about trust. It is because we have so little for others that our world is so hard today. The message of the series is to develop a certain mutual trust, mutual aid so as not to let fear gain ground. At the start of the series, Cassian Andor no longer trusts anyone. Little by little, he will find the taste of others. He will engage in the resistance to defend a cause. Gradually, he will seek to change things so that the oppressed peoples of the galaxy can regain their freedom.

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