Cauet’s lawyer defends his client in “C à vous”

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Me Xavier Autain and Pierre Lescure in “C à vous” Screenshot.

VIDEO – Pierre Lescure confronted Me Xavier Autain with archive images where Sébastien Cauet described the words of a singer then aged 13 as “pig”.

This Wednesday, November 29, Me Xavier Autain, the lawyer who defends Sébastien Cauet, is present on the set of “C à vous”. The presenter is currently targeted by three complaints for and ault. One of the complainants accuses him of having pushed her to perform a non-consensual act on two occasions. She is now 25 years old, but says she was a minor when she was first attacked.

Sébastien Cauet disputes these accusations. However, he has been removed from the NRJ antenna since November 23. “Suspension is a little more complex than that”begins by explaining Me Xavier Autain this evening on France 5. “Sébastien Cauet took the tide in the face and it is in agreement with NRJ that he says that it is undoubtedly necessary for the quality of his profession that he withdraws a little and can rest”he adds.

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“He will not be able to stop working during judicial time because it risks lasting months, even years”then estimates the lawyer who thinks that Sébastien Cauet must return to the air “if only to affirm the presumption of innocence”.

The intervention of Pierre Lescure

It’s Pierre Lescure’s turn to speak. The official archivist of “C à vous” invites the guest to view a sequence dating from 2010 where his client speaks to the young singer Priscilla Betti. Sébastien Cauet refers to the song Look at me (test me, hate me).

“It turned me on, it’s naughty all the same”, declares the host on the air before asking the age of the performer at the time of the release of his single. “I must have been 13”replies Priscilla Betti. “At that age, I said to myself “no, she’s cute, but she’s 13” and then she grew up. And I went online, like two years ago, and I had the misfortune of telling my team “still I find her super sexy” and I was told “but you realize, she is 15 or 16 years old, it’s shameful,” says Sébastien Cauet lightly.

“There is nothing wrong with the letter, but in the spirit we flirt a little with the limit”comments Pierre Lescure. “Do you have the feeling that this is an incrimination of ?”retorts Me Xavier Autain before adding: “He’s an entertainer so he makes people laugh with lots of things. We are on an entertainer, so the entertainer, he borders on the limit, that does not make him a delinquent”.

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