Caught up by a series of miscellaneous facts, Macron denounces “irresponsible behavior that kills”

Emmanuel Macron, in Roubaix (North), Thursday May 25, 2023.

At half mast, the tricolor flag floats on the main mast of the place d’armes. Thursday, May 25, gathered in a circle, agents, officers, bikers, riders wait. Without a sound, for long minutes. A few meters away, in the heart of the national police school, the President of the Republic meets the families of the three peacekeepers of the Roubaix police station (North), killed, Sunday May 21in a collision with an alcoholic driver and under the influence of narcotics.

By changing his agenda to participate in this ceremony, Emmanuel Macron wanted to make this meditation a symbolic moment. “Talking about them becomes necessary to pay homage to their destiny, to show respect and affection to those who serve and protect and to denounce irresponsible behavior that kills”declared the Head of State in front of the coffins of “three young children of the Republic”.

Examples “like all those who, at their task, every day, serve only the French”. National police officers, gendarmes, municipal police officers, firefighters, first aiders, nurses, doctors, teachers and so many others, all those who, in the humility of service, take care of our compatriots and protect , deserve respect and consideration. »

In a sober speech, the President of the Republic refers to other bereaved administrative bodies, citing the road safety officer who died in Sainte-Soulle (Charente-Maritime), Monday, May 22; the nurse murdered the same day in Reims “because she wore the white blouse of her vocation” ; the three gendarmes killed in Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme), on December 23, 2020. “Our France has the face of the women and men of duty who serve it”insists Mr. Macron.

In this context of meditation, there is no room for politics. At no time did the Head of State broaden his remarks on the atmosphere of the country, as he had been able to do during the Council of Ministers the day before, during which he had spoken of“a process of decivilization”.

“That has never been his strong point”

After the words, the image of a president alongside a bereaved Republican police has finally reinstalled him at the heart of this news. While the tenant of the Elysée had planned to insist on other themes this week, such as the environment – after the report of his former adviser Jean Pisani-Ferry –, he was overtaken by the succession of various facts, without any connection with each other. Only common point: they were all recovered by the political personnel. Right-wing and far-right oppositions have attacked the majority’s policy, accused of being too lax in terms of security.

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