CBF removes Wilton and referees involved in unmarked penalty shot for Grêmio

The draw of Guild as Corinthians 4-4, this Monday (18), in a delayed match of the 15th round of the Brazilian championship, ended with a controversial refereeing move. In the additions of the second stage, Ferreira crossed the ball into the penalty area, which hit Yuri Alberto on the arm.

He tried to block the shot and succeeded. A CBF understands that there was an error in the arbitration in the bid in question, and decided that the referees will be removed, in a procedure that is already common in the entity. Between them, Wilton Pereira Sampaiowho refereed games at the Qatar World Cup.

The referee did not score anything on the play. The match was stopped for analysis by the video referee (VAR), led by Emerson de Almeida Ferreira, who followed the decision and did not call his partner for a review in the VAR booth. Both will spend some time, yet to be determined, without refereeing games in the top tier of Brazilian football.

Emerson had already been removed in 2022after a clic between Palmeiras and São Paulo, in the Brazilian Cup. On that occasion, in front of the VAR booth, he did not check for an offside that led to the tricolor team’s goal, in the 2-1 defeat, but which led to the decision going to penalties. Jonathan Calleri, in an irregular position, was taken down by Gustavo Gómez. He called the field referee for a review, without checking the Argentine striker’s position in the play.

Since Wilson Seneme, head of the CBF arbitration commission, took office, the entity began to preserve the figure of its professionals. Therefore, the analysis of the video referee’s performance this Tuesday focused on recognizing and admitting the error in the decisive play.

According to the entity, which follows the criteria defined by the International Football Board ociation (Ifab), which defines and regulates the rules of the game, Yuri Alberto has an unnatural movement when executing the blocking move on Ferreira’s cross, a fact that characterizes, in itself, the penalty.

Furthermore, when reviewing the play by the VAR booth, the possibility of the ball bouncing off the foot of Fagner, Corinthians right-back, before reaching Yuri Alberto’s arm. At the angles used, it is possible to determine that there was no suggested contact. If it were detected, the penalty should not have been awarded and would constitute a correct decision by the referee.

“The player (Yuri Alberto), even though he has his hand in that position, is natural for this dispute over the ball and does not ‘have’ the intention of blocking”, says Emerson, commander of the video referee in the match, in the audio released by CBF this Tuesday. “Don’t you think he has his arm too open?“, argues the VAR istant. “it is, but for me he has no intention of blocking, but rather of fighting for the ball. He’s retracting his arm”, replies Emerson.

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