Chabal and Dusautoir speak out on the controversy surrounding Chalureau

While the replacement of Paul Willemse in the France group (injury) by Bastien Chalureau continues to arouse criticism, the two former members of the XV of France have given their opinion on the case.

While second line Bastien Chalureau was called up by Fabien Galthié to replace Paul Willemse (injured in the thigh), the controversial remarks of the Montpellier aroused many reactions on the rugby planet. Sentenced to a 6-month suspended prison sentence in November 2020 for “racist aggression”, the person concerned has always acknowledged the acts of violence but not the racist nature of the case, to the point that he appealed the decision. . After the reactions of Antoine Dupont and Fabien Galthié at a press conferencethat of Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéraor even LFI deputies, Thierry Dusautoir, the former captain of the Blues, and Sebastien Chabal also gave their opinion on the Canal Rugby Club set on Sunday evening.

Dusautoir close to the victim

I’m a little embarred because I’m a friend of the victim and I have a pretty strong opinion on this case” First explained Thierry Dusautoir. “ I always had a problem with him in the France team. Bastien Chalureau was selected in 2022. The facts precede his selection. I am surprised at this timing of this controversy, the facts have been made public, but I was not present, there is a procedure. I am aware that I am not objective in this matter.»

Chabal annoyed by politicians

Sébastien Chabal, for his part, attacked politicians more, and in particular to the two LFI deputies who spoke on the case : “I don’t know the details of this story, there is a procedure. When I see these women or these politicians howling with the wolves, if they too were to be fired on a procedure, I’m not sure they would agree“.

It remains to be hoped that the controversy does not distract the men of Fabien Galthié, already affected by injuries.

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