Charles de Courson and Bertrand Pancher, a defeat and projects

Bertrand Pancher (left) and Charles de Courson (right) at the National embly, June 7, 2023. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

STORY – After distinguishing themselves in opposition to pension reform, these two spokesperson deputies from the Liot group are considering institutional and political proposals.

They have become the pet peeves of the Macronist camp. And they intend to stay that way. Headliners of the Liot group (Freedoms, independents, overseas and territories), Charles de Courson and his acolyte Bertrand Pancher have attracted all the light in the National embly in recent weeks. The first, depicted ironically in “Che Guevara of the Marne” by the deputies of the relative majority, defended at all costs the bill which aimed to repeal the retirement at 64 years. “Going from champion of budgetary orthodoxy to leader of opponents of pension reform, hats off to the artist. He was just the useful idiot who allowed the hyphen between LFI and the RN”criticizes Sacha Houlié, the Renaissance president of the law commission.

Last March, Charles de Courson had already been the spokesperson for the transpartisan censure motion, which had almost overthrown the government by nine small votes. More discreet, the second, Bertrand Pancher, maneuvers with his…

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