Charles III in France: “Johnny Hot T”, the “charming” squire who could well eclipse the king

“Johnny Hot T”, the “Hot Bodyguard”, or even “the king’s divine squire”... Since taking office with Charles III, the celebrity press competes in imagination to bestow nicknames on the squire of the Kingthe British Jonathan Thompson, highlighting his advantageous physique.

During his trip to France alongside the royal couple, this 39-year-old former bodyguard of Queen Elizabeth II, appointed to Charles in 2020, has once again attracted the spotlight. Photos and videos of this charismatic man, an officer in the 5th battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and recently promoted to lieutenant-colonel, have been widely relayed on social networks in recent days.

“A nice photo of Queen Camilla and Brigitte, the wife of President Macron, today in France. But all I see is Johnny! » laughs a Twitter user in particular, who shares an image of the thirty-year-old posing with the first lady and the queen consort. Another added: “I spy on Major Johnny Thompson during the royal visit to France. »

“Johnny Thompson will become more popular than King Charles”

On Tik Tok, under the hashtag “Johnny Hot T”, the images of the major have become even more viral in recent months, particularly since his presence on May 6 at the coronation of Charles III, making him a real object of fantasies . Images of him, sometimes in a kilt, sometimes in military uniform, are relayed, accompanied by comments praising the advantageous physique of this father of a family who loves Labradors. “My future husband”, gushes one Internet user, when another ures that she could “move to the United Kingdom for him”.

“Major Johnny Thompson will become more popular than King Charles,” quips another Tik Tok user. In the flood of comments posted under these images, the former major is alternately described, in many languages, as a “handsome guy”, a “charming man”, or “magnificent”, or even a “handsome Englishman”. .

As points of view magazine reminds us, expert on royalty, Jonathan Thompson’s missions to the king are numerous. It is he who is responsible for managing his appointments and the smooth running of his days, as well as his travels, in collaboration with his private secretary. Hence its presence in France. The major is also tasked with acting as a link between the king and his visitors, whom he must welcome. Enough to grant him a certain power in the United Kingdom.

According to the ranking of the 10 most powerful British people in 2023, published in June by Tatler magazine, the lieutenant-colonel came in 3rd position, two places from the podium occupied by… King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla. “Former Major Johnny has a fabulous sense of humor and turns out to be as handsome in a suit as in a kilt,” noted the British magazine. It is from within the palace walls that the king’s squire exercises his unique, calm and charming power. »

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