Charline Vanhoenacker put to rest on France Inter

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Charline Vanhoenacker, host on France Inter. GEOFFROY VAN DER HELT / AFP

The host will not be at the France Inter microphone this weekend to present the show at the heart of a lively controversy.

The show presented by Charline Vanhoenacker on France Inter, at the heart of a lively controversy targeting its columnist Guillaume Meuricewill not be broadcast on Sunday due to health problems of the Belgian journalist, the station said on Saturday, confirming a statement by the host in Le Parisien. “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the live show this week because Charline Vanhoenacker has been put to rest and cannot be present», France Inter told AFP.

Le Grand Dimanche evening, which brings together a group of columnists around the host including Guillaume Meurice, is usually recorded in public. A rebroadcast of the October 1 broadcast will be offered on Sunday. This Sunday show, which is a ratings success, has been at the heart of a controversy since a humorous post by Guillaume Meurice comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a Nazi. This outing earned him accusations of anti-Semitism, death threats and a warning from his management, which he wants to challenge in court. Charline Vanhoenacker is also targeted by death threats and “at the heart of multiple pressures» since the emergence of the controversy, his entourage confided to AFP, counting on a return to the soon as possible“.

In this tense context, his presence at the head of the show appeared “essential», hence the decision not to record the show with another presenter at the helm, said this relative. Last Sunday’s show was exceptionally recorded without an audienceFor safety reasons.

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