Chicandier destroys the “Additional investigation” devoted to the presenter of “TPMP”

Chicandier, a year ago, on the set of Quelle époque! Screenshot – What an era! – France 2

Like everyone (or almost), the former notary and comedian 100% pure beef of the French audiovisual landscape watched the event issue of Tristan Waleckx’s magazine

He is unfiltered, most of the time extraordinarily vulgar. But he is also very sharp. And sometimes even extremely funny. But above all, he proclaims out loud what many people think quietly. And for this reason alone, we enjoy listening to his gloss. Chicandier, a former notary who became a comedian, actor, columnist and presenter, like three other million French viewers (probably many more today thanks to Replay), watched the event number that “Complément d’investigation” dedicated a few years ago days to the PAF star, Cyril Hanouna.

Since then, that’s all we’ve talked about. An absolutely free advertit that the Public Service has just offered to the host of “Do not touch My TV”. A hell for those who are not interested in the subject. “Honestly I watched the show yesterday like everyone else! I had some paper towels, some popcorn, I had even put on my penis heater and my bracelet!! And there? And there?!! Uh… good! Nada! Niente! Makash! Wallou!” he posted yesterday on the social network Linkedin, arguing that the report was empty.

“Honestly, it’s like a girl gets on you.”


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“Honestly, Hanouna isn’t my thing but I don’t care, he’s the big distributor and I’m a small local grocer who has a hard time selling his expired milk! But the scam is not Hanouna! These are the famous investigative journalists! Honestly it’s like a girl gets on you, takes you to the toilet and finally offers you a Pepito! As Lelouch said in his film All that for this! And it’s not impossible that he didn’t gain a little audience with this additional story! In short…what we call a fart on an oilcloth! Well, I ate the popcorn anyway!”

There you go… That’s rude. It’s vulgar. It’s slightly opportunistic. It’s everything we want. But it’s honest. And then, vulgar for vulgar…

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