Children from Viamão help children from Vale do Taquari

Headed by the Secretary of Education, Márcia Culau, children and teachers from Viamão will today take 800 books and 77 boxes of school material to the schools and libraries of Roca Sales, material collected during the Viamão Literary Fair to supply the library that the rain took it in full. Children here hug children there.

prostate grenal

Former Gaucho referee Carlos Eugênio Simon will referee a game between doctors and other health professionals specializing in the fight against prostate cancer, organized by the Oncology Center of Hospital São Lucas da Pucrs. Today, at 7pm, at the hospital’s sports park.

My enemy

In just a few days, the Lula (PT) government deliberately got involved in a mess that generated such a mess. The Enem exam that undermines agriculture generated an equal and opposite reaction not only from entities in the sector but also from the parliamentary front in the National Congress, right now that the government needs votes so much for vital matters.

Be that as it may…

…radicals, including centrist radicals in the government, have never been able to hide their aversion to a business that puts food on the table. Which is nonsense, to say the least.

One speaks, another interprets

Vice President Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) stated that Lula’s speeches about zero deficit referred to a concern for “those who need it most”. Well, well, we have the figure of the audio translator. It reminds us of the time of vice-president Aureliano Chaves, who said he read the newspapers early in the morning to “know what I think”.


Reader on the note about the culture of ping and not learning: “I stopped teaching Law cles in 2019, after 19 years at university, exactly because the student just wants the diploma, learning is never (too tiring).”


PRICES of books at the Fair lose badly to the Amazons of life.

Caxias do Sul’s ECONOMY fell 3.9% in September compared to August. Industry, with -4%, and services, with -6.5%.

FAZENDA estimates a primary surplus of 0.1% in 2024. Banks like Itaú estimate a deficit of 1.20%.

WHY do renowned artists still need the financial favors of the Rouanet Law?

AS they say in Alegrete, more difficult than swimming with a poncho on is sleeping with a spur on without tearing up the sheets.

That hug

To the people of Rolado and Mayor Alberto Aquino Gomes. Rolador, whose name is not explained on the city hall website, is in Missões. It took off with the construction of the railway branch between São Luiz Gonzaga and Cerro Largo, which began in 1938 and was inaugurated by the President of the Republic on January 10, 1957.

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