Chile at the 2023 Rugby World Cup: all about the team


  • Schedule, in Pool D

September 10: Japan-Chile at the Stadium, in Toulouse (1 p.m., on France 3)

September 16: Samoa-Chile at the Matmut Atlantique, in Bordeaux (3 p.m., on M6)

September 23: England-Chile at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium, in Lille (5:45 p.m., on M6)

September 30: Argentina-Chile at the Beaujoire stadium in Nantes (3 p.m., on M6)

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Los Condores. The condor is one of the largest birds on the planet: its wingspan can reach more than 2.8 m. It is also one of the symbols of Chile.

  • Their best performance

This is the first time that Chile will participate in the World Cup. The 22e world nation, which is the “little thumb” of the competition, amply deserves this cliché. With only a handful of clubs and a few thousand licensees, its qualification, snatched at the end of the suspense and after an authentic “comeback” against the United States, is a feat. However, its progress over the past few years is undeniable.

Their mere presence in the competition is a surprise. So, in this relatively geneous pool (England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa), the Condors risk being fleeced. Their priority? To have a solid last match, against their Argentinian neighbour. Chile and Argentina having never faced each other, it will be the first time in the history of the competition that two South American countries will face each other.

The forwards : Augusto Bohme, Javier Carrasco, Matias Dittus, Tomas Dussaillant, Javier Eissmann, Alfonso Escobar, Diego Escobar, Iñaki Gurruchaga, Pablo Huete, Esteban Inostroza, Vittorio Lastra, Salvador Lues, Raimundo Martinez, Thomas Orchard, Santiago Pedrero, Clemente Saavedra, Augusto Sarmiento, Martin Sigren (captain), Ignacio Silva.

The retarded guys : Iñaki Ayarza, Lukas Carvallo, Pablo Casas, Rodrigo Fernandez, Matias Garafulic, Nicolas Garafulic, Nicolas Herreros, José Ignacio Larenas, Domingo Saavedra, Marcelo Torrealba, Francisco Urroz, Franco Velarde, Benjamin Videla, Santiago Videla.

Rodrigo Fernández made the rounds on social media in 2022 during the heroic World Cup play-off against the United States. He went right through the American defense – no doubt stuck in the five centimeters of mud that covered the pitch – before scoring a try qualified by World Rugby as the 2022 tryout. His trainer ures him in Le Figaro : he “could play in the Top 14! » Notice to amateurs.

  • Where to see them practice

The Chileans have put their suitcases in Perros-Guirec, in the Côtes-d’Armor. They can be seen between their luxurious hotel, a thalo establishment (both with a splendid view of Trestraou beach), the Kerabram sports complex and the Yves-Le-Jannou stadium.

  • He plays “at home”

With the exception of three players playing in Europe (a center at Soyaux-Angoulême XV, a first-line at Périgueux and a third-line at Doncaster, in the English second division), almost all the Condores (30 out of 33) play for the Chilean club Selknam. The most “French” of the team is undoubtedly the coach Pablo Lemoine. The Uruguayan spent ten years in France. With Stade Français, he won two French championship titles in 2003 (alongside a certain Fabien Galthié) and 2004, before playing in Montauban and Valence-d’Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne). He has been in charge of Chile since 2018.

  • The rugby expression that suits them well

“Play Lemon Carrier” : refers to those who were once confined to the responsibility of providing their teammates with lemons during half-time. It will be difficult for Chile, in a very geneous pool, to play another role.

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