China struggles with messenger RNA vaccines

Western vaccines are not allowed in China for reasons of economic patriotism. 331786956/myskin –

Ten such Chinese vaccines are in clinical trials.

While the Covid is at its highest in China for six months and the government is stepping up its “zero Covid” policy, the race for “homemade” vaccines and drugs is not weakening. China, which to date has 3 million patients and 16,000 deaths linked to Covid, makes it a point of honor to promote its own vaccines and treatments. Seven local vaccines – including the two main ones, those from Sinovac and Sinopharm – are approved at this stage. But faced with the emergence of new, more contagious variants, they proved to be less effective, in terms of the number of deaths and hospitalizations, than those of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

However, no Chinese vaccine or booster specifically targeting Omicron has to date been approved in the country. Nor any messenger RNA vaccine even though Chinese laboratories have been working on it for two years.

Ten Chinese messenger RNA vaccines are in clinical trials, according to the GlobalData institute. While China has not approved any, Indonesia was the first…

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