Chopin Airport at the forefront of European airports in the field of punctuality

The capital airport is one of the most punctual airports on our continent. The high level of services is maintained despite the ever-increasing penger traffic. What’s more, there are further facilities for travelers at the airport, said Stanisław Wojtera, president of Polskie Porty Lotnicze S.A. during the Economic Forum in Karpacz

Data on the punctuality of arrivals and departures from Chopin Airport were provided by Eurocontrol – a European air traffic control agency.

“It ranked our airport among the 10 most punctual in Europe. This is a very good essment of the work of the entire team, both our employees and all services and companies that operate at the airport,” said Stanisław Wojtera. These include Border Guard, police, customs officers, trading companies, handling agents.

According to the president of Polish Airports, the key to the efficient operation of the Warsaw airport is the continuity of its crew’s work.

“We did not succumb to the covid panic, we did not lower the staffing levels, therefore we also had no problem with recruitment. Working at the airport is demanding because it is difficult to start. Just getting a permanent p to the restricted zone is a matter of three months. Plus the training that needs to be done is the next few months. This shows how difficult it is to return to the original personal status after redundancies,” explained Stanisław Wojtera.

Meanwhile, penger traffic levels have already returned to pre-pandemic levels. “If not for the war, we would have a record in history. The war reduced our traffic by about 10 percent.” – added the president of Polish Airports.

Recently, a daily record was broken at Warsaw Chopin Airport – almost 67,000 pengers were checked in one day. pengers. Stanisław Wojtera emphasized that “this is the number of inhabitants of the entire medium-sized city”. July was also record-breaking in terms of pengers – almost two million pengers were served.

For those slightly more forgetful pengers, the authorities of the Warsaw airport have recently introduced a number of amenities: a pharmacy, a place where you can get a temporary pport, a branch of the National Health Fund where you can get an EHIC card. These places allow you to safely leave Poland and travel without fear of possible health problems.

Sleeping capsules have also appeared, in which pengers, especially transfer pengers, can rest. “We also recently have a parcel locker that serves “non-flying items”, those that pengers have forgotten that they cannot be brought on board the plane. Until now, you had to throw them in the trash, and now you can send them in the form of a parcel. This is the first solution of this type in Europe, and maybe even in the world,” says Stanisław Wojtera.

Changes made recently at Chopin Airport are noticed and appreciated by pengers. “The ratings we receive are very high, which makes us happy,” emphasizes the president of Polish Airports.

The 32nd Economic Forum came to an end in Karpacz – one of the largest and most prestigious events in our part of Europe. From September 5 to 7, thousands of guests – leaders of politics, economy, local government, outstanding representatives of the world of culture and science from around the world, discussed the most important challenges currently facing Poland and the entire continent.

Information source: PAP MediaRoom

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