Christiane Taubira moved to talk about her mother in “Lesencontres du Papotin”

The former Minister of Justice spoke to the atypical journalists of Le Papotin about the disappearance of her mother when she was only 16 years old.

This Saturday, December 2, “The Papotin meetings» are once again installed in the schedules of France 2. For this new issue, it is Christiane Taubira which confronts the direct and unfiltered questions of the atypical editorial staff of Le Papotin.

The former Minister of Justice is not the only political figure to have accepted the invitation. Like Emmanuel Macron in January 2023. The opportunity for the President of the Republic to talk about his private life. “The principle of love is that everything is possible. Love you don’t really choose, it falls on you”he confided before telling some details about the couple which he trains with Brigitte Macron.

Difficult grief

It is also with honesty that Christiane Taubira speaks on a painful subject, the loss of her mother when she was only 16 years old. “It’s not many years to live with your mother”, she believes with great emotion. One of the journalists asks him about this sadness. “There, you talk to me about it, I have a little lump in my throat. It remains very difficult. But you have to pull yourself together and you also have to accept being unhappy. I accept being unhappy when I think of her”declares Christiane Taubira.

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“But I have a lot of memories because she gave us a lot of advice, rules. There were a lot of prohibitions”, she then says. A hard education. “I never hit my children even though I was taking a beating every Saturday afternoon. It was common. It was at the time of corporal punishment.Christiane Taubira then testifies. “I didn’t reproduce that. What I reproduced is the requirement and the rigor”.

However, politics is not excluded from the subjects. The editorial staff of Papotin asked him about his mandate during François Hollande’s five-year term. “He was a very worthy president”comments Christiane Taubira. “There are things I would have preferred him to do differently, but he is a president for whom I have a lot of respect”. As for other politicians, she comments that Chirac “was more sympathetic than Sarkozy”. If today, she no longer holds a political office, she ures us: “As long as I have strength and energy, I will participate in battles. I think there are still battles for equality”.

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