Christine Haas forecast for August 2023

Each month, our astrologer gives you his forecasts for free, sign by sign, decan by decan.

Throughout the year, find your free horoscope with Christine Haas (Instagram: @chrishaasoff) on the website of Figaro with TVMagazine . Each month, our astrologer reveals his predictions sign by sign, decan by decan.


1er decan: thanks to the transit of the Sun in Leo, until the 23rd, you will be among the most seductive. Somehow you will need to please and also please yourself. Above all, do not believe that this is an excess of narcissism, it is quite simply a sign that you are good about yourself.

2e decan : you will be sensitive to the influx of Mars until the 11th: the planet of action tells you to think before making the slightest decision. Don’t do anything on impulse, or because you think it’s urgent. You have to take your time so you won’t have to blame yourself for anything.

3e decan: from the 8th to the 24th, Mars will oppose Neptune, which can indicate boring daily living conditions. It is possible that, for the holidays, you are poorly housed, poorly organized, or that the weather is not terrible. In some cases, you might be woozy for three or four days.


1er decan: even if it is retrograde, Saturn is always in harmony with you and you think, you think a lot! And these are constructive thoughts, which will allow you, in the long term, to go to the end of a project on which you have been working for a long time. But there are still a few months left.

2e decan : the presence of Jupiter in your decan will be felt, especially since it will stop in the middle and those born around May 6 will not be able to skip it. Either you will feel like you are pushing your wings to go ever higher, or on the contrary you will have a legal or administrative problem to manage.

3e decan: Uranus is active in your decan and invites you to detachment, to free yourself from an addiction, or quite simply to set up your own business (around the 14th). It’s only a subject of reflection for the moment, perhaps already a project, but it will still take you several months in 2024.


1er decan: the only thing that will annoy you this month, especially if you are on vacation, is those around you who will not talk, or who will not laugh at your jokes… This will make you feel like you are alone when you are not. At least for most of you.

2e decan : Mars sends you somewhat unpleasant impulses. That is to say, you may not like the place where you will be, or that neighbors or friends will annoy you. You won’t be able to stop yourself from sending them small spades. So the atmosphere will not be very calm.

3e decan: from the 8th to the 25th, Mars opposes Neptune and this is not a good configuration. You will be fed up, perhaps because of bad weather, but it could also be that a recurring problem, of a family nature for many, comes back to the fore. And you can’t put it away in a corner.


1er decan: Mercury and Saturn will mix their influxes and you will be sensitive to this VERY reasonable situation, which invites you to reflect, to put your little gray cells to work and not to let go. Because there is certainly a carrot at the end of the stick, otherwise you would not be wasting your time like this.

2e decan : Jupiter is always your best friend, and its harmony with Mercury (exact between the 9th and the 10th) could correspond to good news, an offer difficult to refuse, and even sometimes a helping hand at the right moment. Whether you are on vacation or not, you will be in heaven (born around 7/7).

3e decan: Mars will be your ally from the 11th, but it will be somewhat weakened by its opposition to Neptune. Maybe not being too much of a perfectionist, and not having your nose to the grindstone will be a real relaxation for you. In addition, you will enrich yourself with new relationships that will have a good influence on you.


1er decan: no major planets are watching you except Mercury (until August 5) and its opposition to Saturn indicates that you will have a small blockage for a day or two. It can be physical, but it can also concern money, a useful expense that you will be reluctant to incur.

2e decan : happy birthday: Jupiter is at the very top of your zodiac and one of two things: either you are very happy with yourself because you have obtained great recognition, a promotion, a transfer, or on the contrary you have legal or administrative problems and you have to find an agreement.

3e decan: happy birthday from the 13th. Venus is still in your decan until the 15th, but she is retrograde. If you’re in love, there may be something holding you back from expressing your feelings. Or you need to think about how you want your story to go


1er decan: it is the first days of the month that will be a bit complicated. Communication problems with a loved one await you, unless you are falling behind if you have decided to do something specific. Nobody will listen to you and that is what will upset you the most, you will feel ignored.

2e decan : you will receive influxes from Mars, conjunct your Sun until the 11th. Everything will have to go quickly, you will find everything urgent and in your haste you risk making mistakes. Or to irritate those around you by putting pressure on them because they are not fast enough for you.

3e decan: your turn to receive Mars from August 11 and its dissonance with Neptune risks creating a fog in your relational life. Either it is you who will not really know what you want, or it is the other who will impose his doubts, his uncertainties and sometimes his wickedness on you (until the 27th).


1er decan: no aspect in sight, except the 1er and August 2 where you will have good reason to be unhappy for a matter of logistics. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the 27th, when Mars enters your sign, for something to happen. A start, a new job, or a well-controlled anger?

2e decan : From the 14th, retrograde Venus returns to you. If someone you liked a while ago, you started a relationship (friendship or more), it is possible that you take a step back to reflect on the nature of your feelings. Is it love, friendship, admiration, or a bit of all three?

3e decan: Venus will be in relation with you until the 14th, but being retrograde there will be no key event; except maybe the week of the 7th where you might get a surprise. Someone you met recently who gives you news when you didn’t expect to hear from them anytime soon.


1er decan: you continue to benefit from the constructive and stabilizing aspects of Saturn, even if it is retrograde. Her condition simply indicates that you are imilating what she taught you before she retrograde (June 18) and which allowed you to create a good foundation to ert yourself.

2e decan : Mars will be your ally until the 11th, you must take advantage of it to carry out a project or see an expectation materialize. You should, however, put your mind to it, that is, be active to get what you want. However, you may have a helping hand, a helping hand from fate.

3e decan: you too will receive good influxes from Mars after the 11th. Know that it will be opposed to Neptune until the 24th, but this is not a bad configuration. She tells you to trust yourself and even that you can be confident with someone you met a short time ago.


1er decan: it’s hard for you to thrive and enjoy the finer things in life with Saturn dissonance. Admittedly, the policeman of the retrograde zodiac, but the problem (family, professional?) remains active in a corner of your head; try not to think about it too much if you’re on vacation.

2e decan : Mars occupies the zenith of your zodiac until the 11th, a period when you will have work! In the house for some, or to keep an eye on the children for others. Whatever the situation, you will expend energy to work out something, or to watch the younger ones.

3e decan: after the 11th, it will be your turn to receive the influx of Mars, opposite Neptune until the 24th. It’s not nirvana for holidays! Perhaps the weather will be capricious… But it is also possible that you are discouraged by someone’s attitude, or by obligations that stress you out.


1er decan: at the beginning and end of the month, the good influxes of Saturn will be activated and your sense of responsibility will be at the forefront. But not to weigh down heavy loads, rather to become aware of what you have accomplished this year and which, despite the hardships, has been constructive and stabilizing.

2e decan : good influxes from Mars accompany you until the 11th! You can go over hill and dale, to visit places steeped in history, or to visit relatives. This position of Mars also indicates that you will be exercising, or, for the youngest, that they will be very competitive.

3e decan: you too, after the 11th and until the 27th, you will be entitled to the dynamic and enterprising influxes of Mars. It will be difficult to follow you as you will always be ready to climb the mountains or cross the region to discover the most pleasant places. You will make everyone travel!


1er decan: no really exciting aspect before… the 27th! Mars will then enter a very positive sector of your zodiac and it seems that you will have a comeback with a bang. But not much will happen otherwise and that’s a good sign: you won’t have any valid reason to stress yourself out.

2e decan : from August 2 to 12, take advantage of the situation to make friends. This is what the Sun in Leo offers you and you who are sometimes very reluctant to mingle with the crowd, you will have no problem socializing and forging some ties, which could well turn into friendships over time.

3e decan: Venus still opposes you until the 14th, while forming a dissonance with Uranus the week of the 7th. This is a source of tension, which can stem from your relationship as much as from a problem with a contract. You’ll have a hard time not sending everyone off!


1er decan: no planet is watching you, but Saturn is still with you. A kind of test is imposed on you, it concerns one of your parents or your work. In both cases, one day it’s fine, the other it’s not. You go through moments of confidence in the future and moments of discouragement.

2e decan : Mars opposes you until August 11 and exposes you to the bad mood of others. It can be your spouse, a child, a neighbour… Anyway, if you are on vacation, the conditions are not very favorable for rest. It is also possible that you catch a cold or something else.

3e decan: between the 8th and the 25th, you risk posing as a victim. And it is true that someone will “look for” you, will push you to your limits. You have the choice between letting it go and reacting very firmly. What you will have the opportunity to do around the 14th: if you wish, seize the opportunity.

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