Christine Haas’ forecast for June 2023

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1er decan: you will certainly be receptive to the entry of Venus in Leo on the 5th! She will form a good aspect with you until the 16th. A time of the month when your powers of seduction will be at the top and when you will appreciate yourself. Maybe you’ve changed something in your look and you feel like it?

2e decan : Between the 6th and the 23rd, Mars (your planet) will be in tune with you from Leo. Venus and she will not be far from each other, so we can think that you will have a little or a big crush! And if you’re already in love, something may be boosting your libido and your nights may be better than your days.

3e decan: from the 14th to the 21st, the Sun in Gemini will be in cloudy aspect with Neptune. Don’t let your imagination tell you that everything is easy and that you’re going to get what you want with the snap of a finger. Also, don’t give others the impression that they can tell you stories and beware of theft, loss, etc.


1er decan: you will benefit from a beautiful aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. It is a sign that you are in a stable period and that you have gained some form of balance, personal or professional. You can be happy with yourself, without thinking that you are above others: that’s what Jupiter makes you believe.

2e decan : Mars will occupy your sector of the family from the 6th to the 23rd, a period when there will be turmoil in your home, or in you because you will have a decision to make. It is also possible that you move, or that you do some work in the house. Unless one of your relatives invades you for a few days.

3e decan: the Sun of Gemini will enlighten you from the 14th to the 21st and will be in dissonance with Neptune. You may have a big expense to make, and you feel like the money is slipping through your fingers. But, knowing you, it will probably be a worthwhile investment that you cannot do without.


1er decan: even if Saturn plays the troublemaker, you will be sensitive to the good influxes of Venus from June 5 to 16. The planet of the heart will make yours beat and even if you know that this love is impossible, what you will feel will make you feel rejuvenated, back to the carefree period of your adolescence.

2e decan : Count on Mars between the 6th and the 23rd to boost your energy and your little gray cells. You will be quick to understand and to act/react. You will even go a little too fast and you risk making mistakes. Also, do not act, do not make a decision without reviewing the consequences of what you are doing.

3e decan: after the 14th, the Sun will be with you (happy birthday!) but it will quickly be in dissonance with Neptune and this can only confuse your mind. A situation that you know well is likely to happen again and you may not know what to do, even if you have gained experience in it!


1er decan: we will wish you your birthday this year on the 21st, 4:59 p.m. The Sun will be in good aspect with Jupiter and Saturn, which guarantees you a perfect personal and professional balance. Above all, have confidence in yourself, in your projects and in your skills to carry them out. You will make sparks.

2e decan : from 1er at 11, the Sun of Gemini will enlighten you but from within. It is your spiritual life that will be in the foreground, you will reflect a lot and it will be positive, you will find good ideas to put into practice on a daily basis from July, Jupiter then being in excellent aspect with you. We will talk about it again.

3e decan: Uranus is starting a good aspect with you that will last until 2026! In three years, you will have completely taken control of your life, your freedom sometimes, professional or personal. In addition, you will have made experiences, real or imaginary journeys, which will have taught you a lot.


1er decan: Venus (love, money), enters the 5th in your decan and remains there until the 16th. Doubt, jealousy, loss of self-confidence for the very beginning of the sign, when born after July 28, your feelings or your comfort material will be at the top. You could fall/fall back in love, or have a great comeback.

2e decan : Mars will be with you from June 6 to 23: either you will have an energy to move mountains and a certain taste for risk, even danger, or you will get angry easily and will not stay in place. It seems that you will need to be constantly on the initiative, to decide everything, to direct everything.

3e decan: from the 14th to the 21st, the Sun of Gemini will enlighten you but it will be in dissonance with Neptune. Also be critical, projects could be utopian, especially financially. If you want to borrow money, wait for the Sun to come out of Gemini on the 21st and beware of thefts during the period.


1er decan: Saturn no longer receives good aspects and Mercury will be in dissonance with this planet on the week of the 12th. You may come up against an obstacle, or be deprived of something. Apparently, as often, there will be a lesson to be learned from this configuration. Be careful…

2e decan : From the 17th to the 22nd, Mercury will be at the top of your sky, it will be a good time to make an important appointment, or meet someone related to your career. You could also have a new colleague or make a trip as part of your profession.

3e decan: between the 14th and the 21st, be suspicious and use your critical mind wisely. You may be made promises that will not be kept or, at work, you may be asked to do the impossible. Fortunately, it will only last 3 or 4 days. Also be careful with objects, you could lose something.


1er decan: Venus, your ruling planet, is in the spotlight this month but also in the coming months because it will make a loop with your friend Leo. One of your projects, professional or otherwise, could work well and make you rather proud of yourself. That said, you can also make a few friends/allies.

2e decan : you can count on the energies of Mars between the 6th and the 23rd. It transits your sector of projects and professional alliances, so it is possible that you will be made an offer that you will have a hard time refusing, even if you are as hesitant as usual. Try to see far.

3e decan: Uranus has reached your finance sector and it is possible that you will have ups and downs in this area, a kind of instability due to the nature of your work. When the highs dominate, have the wisdom to set aside for less favorable times; Uranus remains in this sector until 2026.


1er decan: Jupiter opposes you, while being in harmony with Saturn. Here is what promises you a serious proposal, something which will register in time. But maybe also that you are going to commit, or integrate a team, and that Saturn being favorable to you, it will be a stable and lasting situation.

2e decan : Uranus stops opposing you, and that’s good news. You have been in an unstable situation for at least two years, whether in relational or professional terms. You have had an experience, sometimes difficult, but which has taught you a lot. And you will use it with skill.

3e decan: your turn to receive opposition from Uranus and this will last a little over 2 years. During this period, your relationships, or one of them, will be challenged because, apparently, you need to change your behavior and communicate more if you want to get along well with others.


1er decan: Saturn puts a spoke in your wheels, some of you are even forced to take a break. But you are going to have a compensation this month, admittedly a little fast, between the 5th and the 16th: Venus sends you good influxes and something or someone will make your heart beat faster. A meeting, perhaps?

2e decan : Mars will be a strong ally between the 6th and the 23rd. Well placed in Leo, it accentuates your courageous, loyal and determined nature to do as you please! Beware of the controversy that could ensue… However, your initiatives, your decisions, your actions will bear fruit and you will receive compliments.

3e decan: between the 14th and the 21st, the Gemini Sun and Neptune will be at odds with you. Above all, do not make any decision during this period and if you meet someone, stay on the sidelines, do not get carried away, because the person will not be who they claim to be. Moreover, beware of lies, losses, omissions…


1er decan: as much as you will be in the juice during the Gemini period (until the 21st), you will have too many things on your mind and you will not be able to delegate, as much after the 21st there will be a time for sharing, rest, but no idleness … Rest in the sense that you can rely on someone or have your tasks lightened.

2e decan : From the 6th to the 23rd, Mars will be a powerful engine for your decan. Your energy resources will be almost inexhaustible since you will be very motivated. A rivalry can be stimulating, or a challenge that you set yourself. And since you don’t like to lose and there’s no dissonance…

3e decan: Uranus entered the 3e decan of Taurus and will send you influxes until 2026. Many things will change during this period, which will see you evolve rapidly towards the independence you aspire to. First of all, you will detach yourself from the tyranny of the image…


1er decan: from the 5th to the 16th, you will receive a pleasant opposition from Venus, conducive to meetings, agreements and other commitments. Either emotionally or professionally. You will feel appreciated, wanted and you will find that everyone is beautiful and kind. But be careful, you know very well that it is false!

2e decan : Mars will oppose you from the 6th to the 23rd and it is less pleasant to live with than Venus. There are annoyances, you are refused something at first. But Venus comes to your rescue from the 16th (until the 29th) and someone will certainly play a role of conciliator. Or you will be accommodating.

3e decan: the Sun sees you more attractive, more creative, happy to get recognition for your work. However, beware of its dissonance with Neptune which can erase the limits and make you believe that you are above others, or that there is not the shadow of flattery in what you are told…


1er decan: a somewhat tricky time for your decan between the 11th and 17th because Mercury in Gemini will be in dissonance with Saturn. You might have gloomy thoughts, or hear some unreuring news. It will be better from the 21st because the solar rays of Cancer will warm the atmosphere.

2e decan : between the 6th and the 23rd, you will have to give a hell of a boost. Mars transits your work sector and you will have a lot to do. Often, you will have proposed to render services, or you will have been asked to do so and you will not have been able to refuse… In general, you have indeed difficulty in saying no.

3e decan: from the 14th to the 21st the Sun will be in your intimate sector, but it will form a dissonance with Neptune and this can only disconcert you. You won’t know where you are and that’s nothing new, it’s an uncomfortable situation you’ve been living with for months. Now is not the time to make a decision!

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