Christmas bonus, taxes, help for victims of domestic violence… what changes on December 1st

Like every beginning of the month, new rules will come into force this Friday, December 1st. This last month of the calendar year marks the launch of emergency aid intended for victims of domestic violence, the abolition of the penalty system for new retirees from the private sector, the payment of the Christmas bonus and even the end bike bonus.

Emergency help for victims of domestic violence

From December 1, a victim of domestic violence presenting a complaint or a protection order will be able to contact their Family Allowance Fund (CAF) and benefit from istance ranging from 243 euros to 1,337 euros, depending on salary and of the number of children of the person concerned.

This direct aid paid in three to five days should enable victims to meet their expenses in the event of shelter and separation. “Obviously it’s not just financial aid. It means being accompanied, being supported, having all the State services available to ensure that the departure is a real departure, and that she does not return home,” explained Aurore Bergé. on France Inter.

End of the penalty for supplementary pensions

The “malus” system, which results in a 10% reduction in the pension retirement for 3 years or up to 67 years on the supplementary pensions of retirees from the Agirc-Arrco scheme, will be eliminated from December 1 for new retirees. For employees who retired before December 1, this system will end on April 1, 2024.

Payment of the Christmas bonus

Like every December, the Christmas bonus will be paid to more than two million French households, by Pôle emploi, CAF or MSA. This bonus, which ranges from 152 euros for a single person to more than 500 euros for a family with five children, will be paid automatically, without any action to be taken, between December 15, 2023 and the beginning of January 2024.

A little new this year, additional aid to the Christmas bonus should be automatically paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) for single-parent families, in an amount ranging from 115 to 200 euros.

End of the bike bonus

Only one month left to take advantage of bike bonus. With this system which ends on December 31, 2023, it is possible to benefit from a help up to 150 euros for the purchase of a new bicycle, and up to 2,000 euros for the purchase of a cargo, extended, folding or handicapped electric bike. This system concerns households with a reference tax income per unit of less than 14,089 euros and for the highest premiums those whose tax income per unit is less than 6,358 euros.

Opening of Parcoursup

From December 20, the information platform on post-baccalaureate training Parcoursup opens and allows students to consult more than 23,000 training courses. They will be able to explore the different programs with presentation sheets mentioning the dates of open days, further studies or even professional opportunities.

Monthly property tax

In November, households who paid their property tax monthly over a period of ten months had an unpleasant surprise when they discovered an eleventh deduction from their account. Those whose property tax has increased by 10% or more this year will have a twelfth levy on Friday, December 15, after the one paid on November 16.

Latest tax deadlines

People wishing to correct their statement income tax have until December 6 to do so. To modify the 60% tax credit advance from which some benefit for the employment of home help, the payment of donations or union dues, the deadline is December 13. As for the request for monthly payment of local taxes for 2024, you must make your request before December 15.

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