Christophe Béchu, a minister facing contradictory injunctions

We have never reduced gas emissions so much since there are no longer environmentalists in government.», Confides the Minister of Ecological Transition Christophe Béchu. François BOUCHON/Le Figaro

DECRYPTION – The Minister of Ecological Transition must find his place in the face of an omnipresent president, who is sometimes unfriendly to him.

Special envoy to Toulouse

Stoic, Christophe Béchu listens, from his Toulouse headquarters, to the presentation on flood monitoring provided by Météo-France. But, obviously, it becomes less audible. There is drumming on the bay window behind the Minister of Ecological Transitionthe sound system spits out the slogans of trade unionists and environmentalists questioning its “inaction” and a banner presenting it squarely in “traitor” to the cause is unfolded. “Should we, all things ceasing, give priority to the one who has the most radical position and screams the loudest?”, he seethes as he leaves the room. Refusing the back door that was suggested to him, he went out and grabbed the microphone of the organizers to say all the bad things he thought of the prank.

Thursday, where he continues his ecology tour of France at a time when COP28 begins in Dubai, Christophe Béchu once again notes the difficulty in making his voice heard between the recriminations. Since his first day at the hotel…

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