Christophe Delay takes the reins of “Bring in the accused” on RMC Story

The BFMTV morning presenter becomes the new face of the cult show alongside Dominique Rizet.

It’s not easy to take the reins of an iconic show for more than twenty years… In the new season of ” Let the accused enter “launched this week on RMC Story, Christophe Delay succeeds Rachid M’Barkifired for suspicion of foreign interference – with astonishing ease.

His deep voice (trained by long years spent in Europe 1), his skillfully measured intonations and his adventurous attitude fit perfectly with the DNA of the program. Here he is, worthy heir of Christophe Hondelattewhich was the highlight of this event (previously broadcast on France 2) and for which he admits to having a lot of esteem. Especially since he also wears a leather jacket in the show! “It’s a coincidence, I chose to dress the way I am in life”he specifies.

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Candidate for presentation

Avid viewer of the program, the presenter of the morning BFMTV (with Adeline François since 2017) himself proposed his candidacy to succeed his former colleague Rachid M’Barki (with whom he spoke when he knew he had won the position). “I’ve been watching the show for twenty yearshe explains. In my career, I have never applied for anything, but here, I went without hesitation and I ped the castings like everyone else. I liked it because it is a step away from news journalism, but also because I have worked with Dominique Rizet for a very long time and we get along very well. » An obvious complicity on screen. “We know each other by breathing, so it gives a very natural feel. I address him as in life”he admits.

“With Dominique Rizet, we know each other by breathing. »

Christophe Delay

But although he appears very comfortable on screen, Christophe Delay nevertheless had to familiarize himself with a new way of working. “In this show, there is both a tone to find and a rhythm, a posturehe notes. At the beginning, I was in the tone of news and it was a bit of a shock for me, learning to slow down, to manage the silences and to get in tune with the story. It’s not that obvious. It’s an honor to present this program and it obliges me because there is a heritage to respect and a standard to maintain so as not to disappoint viewers. »

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To please the latter and the show’s large community of fans, sixteen new episodes have been released (a record for the channel). The first evening will be devoted to the Nordahl Lelandais affair with unpublished testimonies. A new format will also be launched. Called “Bring in the Accused: Blatant Crimes”, it will focus, through three documentaries, on legal cases where the culprit is immediately known, such as family crimes, neonaticides or m killers.

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