Christophe Galtier at OM, a real good idea or a predicted disaster? The editorial team opposes

By Cédric Callier and Sébastien Ferreira

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Christophe Galtier Matthieu Mirville / Zuma / Panoramic

DEBATE – While rumors are reporting the possible arrival in Marseille of the former PSG coach, the editorial staff is divided on the relevance of such a choice.

Yes, it’s a good idea (Cédric Callier)

Please note, a clarification from the outset: choosing Christophe Galtier as Marcelino’s successor as coach is not, and will never be, the idea of ​​the century for OM. The prerogative of a stroke of genius would be to see a certain Zinédine Zidane take his place on the Olympian bench. Except it’s September 25, not December 25, and, spoiler, Santa doesn’t exist. Even free, even very attached to the Marseille city, the former number 10 of the Blues will not risk setting foot on a mine at the Commanderie. He, and many other renowned coaches, alerted by the resignation of Marcelino and a hardly encouraging “context”. So in this context, what to do?

Taking a competent coach, who knows Ligue 1 as well as the Marseille environment, who has demonstrated in the past his ability to do a lot with little (resources), is a good idea. And strangely, this profile corresponds perfectly to a certain Christophe Galtier. Born in Marseille, OM player in two distinct periods (between 1985 and 1987, then between 1995 and 1997), the former defender ticks several boxes to put the Marseille ship afloat and get it out of a big storm. Not to mention his time on the Parisian bench, which was short enough (and unsuccessful, the bad tongues would say) for him not to arrive with the famous label on his forehead. And then “peuchère”, it is not the trial which awaits him in December which will make a Canebière shudder having seen others in the past.

No, it’s not a good idea (Sébastien Ferreira)

A club in a situation of failure, a coach in a situation of failure? Christophe Galtier remains on an indigestible experience at PSG, which followed a no more famous season at OGC Nice. For two years, Galtier and his staff have not achieved much. Sportingly, we can be skeptical: Galtier is a fan of the flat 4-4-2 like Marcelino, who resigned partly because he did not think he was capable of getting better out of the squad at his disposal. Above all, Galtier at OM looks like a bad idea when you leave the green rectangle. Marseille is considering hiring a man who will be tried in December on charges of moral harment and discriminatory remarks. A black cloud over the head of a club which already has enough problems as it is.

What will the players think? “It bothers me that the people concerned don’t speak,” lamented Nice resident Khéphren Thuram last May. What will the supporters think, they who perhaps still have a grudge against this native of Marseille who is coming out of a year with the hated rival PSG? They who are already in conflict with management? Of course, in its situation, OM can hardly attract anything other than a coach who has nothing to lose. But the simple appointment of Galtier will not buy peace, even temporary. Julien Stephan, Philippe Clement or Gennaro Gattuso, whom we had listed as possible candidates, would perhaps have more positives than negatives for this position. If Galtier misses, it’s a safe bet that, this time, Pablo Longoria will not recover.

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