Chuck Norris comes out of retirement and makes his comeback to the cinema at the age of 83

The inexhaustible Chuck Norris is preparing his big comeback. The actor who rose to fame in the 1990s thanks to the series “ Walker Texas Ranger » comes out of his retirement eleven years after saying goodbye to the cinema in “ Expendables 2 “.

The man who squatted on TF1 every Sunday for years is making his return with a role in “Agent Recon”, an action and science fiction film scheduled for release in 2024. The 83-year-old actor plays the role of Commander Alastair who goes, with a team of special forces, to investigate experiments on aliens.

THE legendary actor famous for defeating each of his opponents will be opposite Marc Singer, star of the mini-series “V”, and Derek Ting, who is at the same time the screenwriter and director of the film.

Fights prepared by… his son

“My team of stuntmen pushed the limits of my vision to deliver high quality action scenes with a great story. Chuck’s son, Dakota, choreographed all of his father’s fights,” Derek Ting said in a statement. “With Earth’s Greatest Heroes Chuck Norris and Marc Singer in the presence, it had to be fun for the fans,” adds the director.

In addition to benefiting from “ARRI Alexa cameras in the most breathtaking sets and landscapes of Hollywood, (…) the ultimate in special effects, a thunderous original soundtrack and dynamic sound effects”, the spectators will therefore have the chance to see the seven-time karate world champion again on screen.

Having become over time a source of countless jokes on the Internet, the famous “ Chuck Norris Facts », the actor with alleged superhuman qualities will this time have to face an unidentified monster ready to destroy all of humanity. If the release of the film is expected for 2024 in the United States, no release date is currently planned in France.

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