Cirque Phénix makes its Olympic Games

The invention leaves a part to the Olympic disciplines. We pole climb, but differently. Laurent Bugnet

CRITICAL – On the Reuilly lawn, athletes from Beijing extol the values ​​of sport. Grandiose.

Place for Olympic Games! Under the Phénix big top on the Reuilly lawn, artists from the Beijing Circus exalt the values ​​of sport in an Eiffel Tower setting. It suits them like jogging on a competitive team. They arrive from backstage in the shadow of the tower with rolling suitcases and backpacks. Let’s go for two hours of show. Barely enough time for a 1000m, and we send off the rest of the events.

For the rest, these forty artists from Dalian, in the north of China, are strange athletes who, in competition, prefer team spirit, and throw their partner like others the weight, but without having biscuits. Alain Pacherie, the director of the show, reserved tests for them that were not entirely approved. What would the Olympic Committee think of spiral diabolos, swinging canes or acrobatic cycling?

Peak gymnasts

A beauty dressed in red lies on a support, feet up, head down. His istants carry umbrellas printed with flags from around the world. One by one, she grabs them with her feet and embles eight of them on the right like the rings of the Olympic logo and a few fewer on the left foot. To construct this figure, she made them jump from one foot to the other. We understand that in the following number, a group of guys throw their hats in the air! They have two or three each. The Chinese supporters really need it to salute the feat!

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Their athletes need support. Music flowing freely replaces referee whistles and drum rolls. But the challenge is there. Five girls float in their aerial hoops, two contort, one serving as support for the other, a couple embrace in the air d in a fabric. The most spectacular are the tightrope walkers. A boy on swinging canes, a girl on a pyramid of chairs. Here they are each in turn defying the laws of gravity in splits and one-handed balances, 15 meters from the ground. Gymnasts of the peaks, they move at this altitude with infinite precaution without forgetting grace and musicality.

The Chinese circus puts everyday objects on stage. No crockery, no plates, no jars. We have umbrellas and chairs, but also car tires that nine Antipodeans send into the air. The invention leaves a part to the Olympic disciplines. We pole climb, but differently. The exercise would be too simple. The poles swing and those who climb them jump from one to the other. Forest of rocking lianas, which we catch on the fly.

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Same bidding for the bike. Jeannie Longo’s tight cousins ​​take to the track with six of them. Even though we are at the circus, far from the idea of ​​going around in circles. They jump from one bike to another, stay two on each, change partners, then three. Funny bloated animals parade through the aisles. We hold our breath, we clap our hands. Ready for circus games?

Useful information. Phoenix Circus

Lawn of Reuilly until January 14, 2024, then on tour in the Zénith de France.

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