Citizens did not allow page to the 5th HEPP in Hayrat

Local people did not allow the information meeting of the 5th HEPP project, planned to be built on Baltacı Stream in Yeniköy District of Trabzon’s Hayrat district. Citizens gathered on the Of Drinking Water Treatment Plant in the district and did not allow the officials who came to inform them about the project to the area.



Citizens did not allow page to the 5th HEPP in Hayrat

Ömer Engineering Company applied to the Trabzon Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization to establish an 8 megawatt HEPP on the Baltacı Stream in the Yeniköy neighborhood of Trabzon’s Hayrat district.

When Hayrat Municipality did not allow the construction of a HEPP, the company received permission from Dernekpazarı Municipality. Trabzon Environment Provincial Director Uğur Korkmaz, Deputy Provincial Director Bülent Sağır and company officials wanted to hold an informative meeting for the local people at the place where the HEPP will be built.

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Arguing that the 4 hydroelectric power plants previously established on the same stream caused serious damage in the region, the local people did not allow the information meeting of the 5th HEPP to be built in the region.

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Citizens gathered at the Of Drinking Water Treatment Plant in the district and kicked out the officials who came for the meeting, saying “Don’t confront us with the Gendarmerie, get out of here.” Provincial manager Kormaz, his deputy Sağır and company officials left the region before the meeting could be held. When the angry crowd increased its reaction, it was blocked by the Gendarmerie and a short fight broke out.

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Making a press statement on behalf of the citizens in the region, Of Hayrat Yeniköy ociation President İrfan Altıner said:

*There are 4 HEPP projects in our neighborhood in an area of ​​approximately 25 kilometers. After a HEPP was built on the stream, projects for other HEPPs were listed.

*Because of this, the entire valley was more or less left without water. The damage caused by current HEPP projects to the natural environment and environment is obvious. In the natural area of ​​this valley, only the natural water of the stream remains in this part of the valley.

*Due to climate change, it is seen that the water of the stream is constantly decreasing every year and the ecological balance is disrupted. There have been losses in water resources due to explosions and excavations during the construction of HEPPs.

* Plateau tourism has never developed. Our region is not in a position to handle a new HEPP project. We are here, we are innkeepers, we want to p on this natural structure to new generations.

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AKP’s Hayrat Mayor Mehmet Nuhoğlu, who did not allow the HEPP project, said, “Why should we be against it if it is in the interest of the country and the nation, but we are against it if it harms the nature too much. We don’t know how much damage it does, we haven’t received any information. “If you take our water and take it to another place and disrupt the balance of nature, I am against it,” he said.


Stating that the water of Baltacı Stream is wanted to be transported to İkizdere through tunnels, Brotherhood of Streams Platform member İhsan Hacıbektaşoğlu said;

*I washed with the water of this stream, I slept with the water of this stream, I learned to swim here. We defend our right to life against HEPPs. There has been a terrible attack on the Hayrat region for 2 years. They will take the water from here, drop it into İyidere and build a HEPP there.

*They will leave the 40 kilometer area up to the beach without water and they are trying to destroy the natural life here as it is. When you block a vessel in a person’s body, his balance is disrupted.

*Our streams are also a source of life for us. The same company came twice before and we chased them away. This time they changed the project. They are being vigilant, they are trying to deceive us. Our people are very sensitive.

*The HEPPs built in the last 10 years have disrupted the natural balance. Agriculture has declined, people cannot access water. It is not possible for the public to allow access to this HEPP.

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Reacting to the law enforcement forces, Hacıbektaşoğlu said, “The gendarmerie regiment commander tried to get those who came inside to hold the meeting despite the public’s stance, but we did not allow it. “The state’s law enforcement forces should be on the side of the people, not on the side of capital and companies,” he said.


Describing the destruction of the previously built HEPPs, local people said, “We suffered a lot. Our trees dried up, our bees were gone, we couldn’t buy the third version of our tea, we were on the point of running out of tea. They built HEPPs before and deceived us. We don’t have even one chestnut tree left. They stated, “We will fight until the end to prevent the construction of a new HEPP, and we will protect our streams.”

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