Civil Defense confirms the 43rd death after the floods; RS has more than 11 thousand homeless people

The searches for flood victims in Rio Grande do Sul continue, and Civil Defense confirmed early this Sunday morning (10) the location of another body, this time in Southern Crossrising to 43 the number of deaths until now. There are 46 missing, 11,642 homeless and 3,798 homeless in the State.

Last week’s heavy rains caused losses in 88 municipalities and affected 150,341 people. The destruction caused by the flood was greater in Taquari Valley, in the cities of Roca Sales and Muçum, which had the highest number of deaths to date. This Saturday (9), the collective wake for the victims of Muçum in Vespasiano Corrêa. In municipalities like Lajeado, cleaning work continues after the rise of the Taquari River.

This Sunday, the acting president Geraldo Alckmin will be in the regionaccompanied by a delegation of ministers, to see the damage up close and announce new measures to help the victims.

Civil Defense balance released at 7am on Sunday:

Deaths: 43

Cruzeiro do Sul: 5
Enchanted: 1
Star: 2
Ibiraiaras: 2
Immigrant: 1
Lajeado: 3
Mato Castelhano: 1
Muslim: 16
Deep Step: 1
Roca Sales: 10
Santa Tereza: 1

Missing: 46

Lajeado: 8
Arroio do Meio: 8
Muslim: 30
People rescued: 3,130

Municipalities affected: 88

Homeless: 3,798

Homeless: 11,642

Affected: 150,341

Injured: 224

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