Civil disobedience against the government continues in Israel

Civil disobedience against the government continues in Israel

Today, Israel is witnessing “civil disobedience day” demonstrations against the Netanyahu government.

Civil disobedience against the government continues in Israel

Mass protests are taking place across the country as part of the “day of civil disobedience” against the legislation of the Benjamin Netanyahu government that restricts the powers of the judiciary.

As the government progresses step by step to pass the controversial judicial regulation through the Parliament, the actions of groups that consider this as “intervention in the judiciary” are increasing, which has been over 10 weeks across the country.

The demonstrators began to march in groups with Israeli flags and various banners and banners on the main arteries and city squares throughout the country, especially in Tel Aviv. A group of activists in West Jerusalem painted the “walkway” in front of the Israeli Supreme Court with a pink and red stripe.

Israeli police reported that 5 people were detained in connection with the painting of the road in front of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, university students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other cities are also protesting against the Netanyahu government.

On the other hand, far-right Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir reportedly held a meeting with police chiefs in Tel Aviv to evaluate the mass protests. A photo of Ben-Gvir meeting with Tel Aviv Police Chief Amichai Eshed and other police chiefs, who was dismissed last week for “not dealing with the demonstrators hard enough”, but later returned to his job with the decision of Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara, was shared in the press.

Israeli police announced that 11 demonstrators were detained across the country on the grounds that they were trying to disrupt public order and disobeying police orders. In the Israeli media, it was reported that several supporters of the Netanyahu government beat some demonstrators and sprayed tear gas.


Actions spread across the country, were also carried out at sea. On the coast of Haifa, a group of demonstrators blocked the port to prevent yachts, boats and ships from approaching here.

Photographs of the protest organized by a retired Israeli Navy group and a banner reading “We will not serve a dictatorship” were shared in the local press.

The Netanyahu government, in the judicial regulation it announced, stated that the Supreme Court’s authority to overturn the laws passed by the Parliament would be largely taken away.

Mass protests against the Netanyahu government’s judicial regulation in Israel have been going on for weeks. The alternative bill presented by President Isaac Herzog, warning the parties of “civil war”, was also rejected by the government. (AA)

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