Civil Police begin to identify those missing in the floods; RS has 46 deaths

To the floods that hit Rio Grande do Sul caused 46 deaths, according to the most recent bulletin released by Civil Defense this Monday morning (11). On Saturday, the Civil Police began work to identify the exact number of people who were not located and ist in the search for those 46 missing.

You Police officers will carry out investigations in the seven municipalities of Vale do Taquari most affected by the floods – Arroio do Meio, Cruzeiro do Sul, Encantado, Estrela, Lajeado, Muçum and Roca Sales. Ten teams, out of a total of 35 civil police officers working in Porto Alegre, traveled to the affected locations, together with a further 83 police officers from the region.

Teams will contact family members of missing people and carry out detailed investigations to ensure the total number is as accurate as possible.

In partnership with the General Institute of Expertise (IGP), the police will notify affected familiesimmediately beginning the DNA collection process to identify the victims.

The data will be made available in a computerized form so that other bodies can access and contribute to resolving the situation.

The head of the Civil Police, Fernando Sodré, emphasized the importance of collaboration and coordination between the various institutions involved in this joint effort. “We are at the forefront of finding accuracy in the numbers of missing people, but we are also working closely with other institutions. We will share our numbers so that everyone can access the information they need,” he said.

The torrential rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul between the 1st and 4th of September caused destruction in 92 municipalitiesaffecting 340,918 people, with 924 injured. According to Civil Defense, 4,794 people are homeless, and 20,490 are homeless. The floods left 46 people dead and 46 missing.

Deaths: 46

Cruzeiro do Sul: 5
Enchanted: 1
Star: 2
Ibiraiaras: 2
Immigrant: 1
Lajeado: 3
Mato Castelhano: 1
Muslim: 16
Deep Step: 1
Roca Sales: 11
Santa Tereza: 1
Bom Retiro do Sul: 1
Hills: 1

Missing: 46

Lajeado: 8
Arroio do Meio: 8
Muslim: 30

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