Clément Beaune ures that the annual increase will be “less than 3%” in 2024

An increase “limited” of the price of tolls for next year. This is what the Minister for Transport, Clément Beaune, promised, on the air of RMCWednesday November 29, ensuring that this increase, applied every 1er FEBRUARY, “will be less than 3%” in 2024. As a result of inflation, the increase was 4.75% on average this year.

One of the main French motorway concessionaires, Vinci, had stated that tolls would increase by 5% if a tax on motorway concessions, planned in the 2024 draft budget, was implemented.

For Mr. Beaune: “There has been a lot of misinformation, there have been a lot, sometimes, of lies linked to this tax on motorway concession companies. It has no impact on the evolution of tolls. » The increase mentioned by Vinci, ” it’s no “insisted the minister: “It is the State which, in the end, takes a legal text which validates this evolution of tolls. » Those who mention a repercussion of the tax “don’t tell the truth to the French”insisted Mr. Beaune.

A tax decided in the name of ecological transition

The tax on “long distance transport infrastructure” decided by Bercy in the name of the ecological transition is supposed to bring in 600 million euros per year from 2024, three quarters of which would come from the road sector, and a quarter from the air sector, according to the Minister of the Economy, Bruno The mayor.

This tax on highways and certain airports “will also finance investments in electric terminals, it will also finance social leasing so that it will be cheaper to have an electric car, it will also finance the purchase of new trains”explained Clément Beaune on Wednesday.

On November 13, the deputy general manager of Vinci and president of Vinci Autoroutes, Pierre Coppey, described this tax as “bad idea, which we contest and which we will contest by all means”. “This will come down to administrative justice, constitutional justice and, where appropriate, European justice, but perhaps we will find a solution first”he warned.

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