Clément Noël winner of the Schladming slalom: “It feels really good”

Clement Noel (Schladming slalom winner): “It feels really good. Already to cross the line with a lot of advance, it relieves a little, it hadn’t happened to me many times this year. And I can enjoy the atmosphere, there are a lot of people in Schladming. Here the only time I made a podium (2nd on January 26, 2021?) there was nobody, it was the Covid. It’s also a big classic that I hadn’t won yet, there are plenty of others, but it’s one of the most beautiful.

“A season with a podium and a victory is not completely missed so it’s a relief. »

In the second round, I managed to put things in the right order, to be in the fight, in the moment, natural, not to think too much. It’s going well because a lot of people make mistakes. It could have been third, it would have been already cool because the way was there. That, I retain for the sequel.

A season with a podium and a win isn’t completely wasted so that’s a relief. I was telling myself that I was missing my season and that frustrated me a lot. I have regained confidence, there is more comfort in terms of points and bibs, I hope that will allow me to start February, which is very important with two World Cups and the Worlds in France (6-19 February in Méribel-Courchevel), in a good way. »

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