Clément Poitrenaud (Stade Toulousain): “It won’t be enough to win in Ireland”

Clément Poitrenaud, coach of three-quarters of Toulouse after the success against USAP (34-13) :Perpignan challenged us, especially on the ground, in the rucks, which prevented us from finding continuity. We were a little on alternating current with very interesting phases of play, high class with speed, standing up, this ability to find spaces, and then weak times where we lacked a little rhythm, and actions where we sometimes rushed by making big jumps to go play on the outsides when there were closer and easier passing solutions to finish fixing them and finishing the shots more quickly.

To sum up, there were good things but too infrequently for us to be able to say that it was a full match. This match will encourage us to work on the rucks next week, because we can expect a terrible war in the ground game against Munster in the European Cup. We have been warned and I hope that we will put more reactivity and more aggressiveness into it to have clean balls and allow our scrum halves to play in good conditions. Retaining first place is important, but you also have to focus on the content of the matches and it is certain that we will have to raise the level for the next two weeks, otherwise it will not be enough to go and win in Ireland. . »

Afusipa Taumoepau, USAP center three-quarters: “We are happy with our state of mind, but if we want to move up the rankings, we have to be more precise about the details. For example, we take the second try on a careless mistake when we knew carrying that they would play certain shots quickly. Otherwise, we were not bad in defense, especially close to our in-goal. Unfortunately, we didn’t always come out of our camp very well, so we were often under pressure. And every time we made throws, we lost the ball right away. We have to be more diligent with the ball, because if you defend all the time against a team like Toulouse, you can’t score points. »

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