Clémentine Autain would consider “logical” that the candidate of the Nupes is a rebel

The “balance of power” resulting from the last presidential pleads according to the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis (LFI) in favor of a single candidacy coming “from the Insoumis ranks”.

The idea is gradually making its nest. With the notable exception of Communist Fabien Rousselwhich does not rule out going it alone, a large part of the leaders of Nupes are pushing for a joint candidacy in 2027. It remains to be decided which camp this will emerge from. Guest this Sunday of the “Grand Jury RTL-LCI-THE Figaro“, Clémentine Autain would judge “logic” that the candidate is from “from the ranks of La France insoumise”. For the Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis, “the balance of power resulting from the last presidential election” in any case pleads in this direction, Jean-Luc Melenchon and its movement having imposed itself as the first force on the left.

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“It is something that must be discussed collectively”she immediately nuanced, careful not to offend the “partners” socialists and communists. The rallying behind an Insoumis must still find a consensus within the Nupes. Because by finishing twice at the gates of the second round, BIA seemed to run into “a gl ceiling”. “What gl ceiling? The gl ceiling of the socialists who made 2% ?, initially eluded the former Communist Party. The problem, for the moment, is to reach the second round. The one to whom we lend presidential ambitions has also made the gathering her “obsession”however sweeping away the hypothesis of a “primary” within Nupes. “It creates identification, but not commonality. It’s a competitive race.”she explained.

“Mélenchon will still be in the battle”

To carry out this common adventure, it will therefore be necessary to find the heir of Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the left, who seemed “to say and say again that he was not a candidate for his own succession”, said Clémentine Autain. Within the formation, it is however not yet time to turn the page of the rebellious leader. “Mélenchon allowed the left not to disappear. He will still be part of this battle and will put his stone to the building., ured the one who accompanied him during three presidential campaigns. However, some on the left do not fail to whet their appetites. Among the potential suitors, Francois Ruffin launched at the end of May “call for donations” to strengthen its teams. “By saying he needs a team and the money, he is effectively making a public admission”conceded Clémentine Autain. “Rebellious France has not yet decided to support it. He organizes himself, it’s his choice.she added.

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