Clermont victorious without convincing against Montpellier

The game: 19-14

After a series of 3 defeats which plunged the club, its leaders and its supporters, into the beginning of a crisis in the midst of the transfer period, ASM managed, not without difficulty, to win in front of their public, this Saturday at the opening of the 12th day of Top 14. A sluggish success, marred by approximations, but which allows the Auvergnats, worried, to breathe a little better. However, they still have work to do to regain their game and a certain consistency.

From the first period there is nothing to keep: the two teams added up the hand errors after major actions to reach the break with a small score (6-3) which reflected these mediocre first 40 minutes. Let’s go directly to the second act: after having conceded a “cap” try signed George Bridge (44th, 6-8) – Damian Penaud dropping the ball in front of his in-goal -, the Clermontois reacted. Stung, they authoritatively triggered a carried ball which sent third-line center Loïc Godemer on trial (48th, 13-8).

An exchange of penalty goals pushed the score to 16-14, just before the hour mark. Facing the French champions, Clermont was not immune to another defeat, despite a 4th goal from Jules Plisson (72nd, 19-14), imprecise a few minutes earlier against the posts (61st). But in the end he managed to win, taking advantage of a few mistakes from a cold opponent who left Auvergne with a deserved defensive bonus point.


The number of minutes played before the Hérault winger Bridge scored the first try of this match.

The fact: an anthology of blunders

Whether on the Auvergne or Hérault side, the goodwill actions, often well mouthed, ended badly. Probably because of the numb fingers and the falling sleet. Still, the approximations prevailed over the initiatives, generating a meeting that was disjointed to say the least. It was on a clumsiness from Damian Penaud in front of his in-goal that Montpellier scored the first try of this meeting, at the start of the second period. Quite a symbol.

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