Cold: 2 to 3°C below seasonal averages expected on Thursday, risk of avalanches on Tuesday

It is cold since this weekend. And it’s not over. These frosts widely felt in France will not only continue this Tuesday, but will be added to snow. According to Météo France, the snowflakes, which began to fall from an altitude of 700 m in the morning, will continue their descent in the afternoon, from 1,000 m in quantity: the accumulations could reach 5 to 10 cm above above 800 m, 10 to 20 cm from 1,200 m.

Consequence: there is a risk of avalanches in the Pyrenees and the Southern Alps, according to the forecasting institute which has placed thirteen departments and the principality of Andorra on yellow alert.

On the border massifs with Italy, the snowfall to the bottom of the valleys will ease in the morning, giving way to sunny spells in the afternoon, the temperatures will drop.

“A new disturbance will descend from the British Isles from Wednesday night to Thursday, crossing our country towards the south-west during the day of Thursday”, predicts the Weather Channel. Thursday, the thermometer will drop to 2 to 3 ° C below the average for the season. A snowy episode should then occur in certain plain regions of the Center and South-West.

If the intensity of the snowfall is expected to be lower than expected, “given the low temperatures and the uncertainty about the speed of progression of this disturbance, the snow could stay on the ground”.

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